I had to take 6MP for the first time when I was diagnosed with having the CMV virus to get rid of it. Dr Shen at the Cleveland Clinic found it after a scope and I was told the cause of the CMV virus was because I was on Cimzia. From what I know about CMV, it is a very bad virus to have. Fortunately for me, it had not entered my blood stream or there would have been some very serious consequences. Therefore, I am not a candidate for any Biologics type medications.

Jan, have you heard of any cases like this?
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I developed CMV Colitis in 2003 and had an emergency total colectomy as it was in my bloodstream. I was treated with TPN and IV Gancyclovir.

At that time CMV disease was not common in patients with IBD and was mostly seen in those who had transplants or had HIV/AIDS.

I get tested for it now in my pouch and am glad they are investigating this more carefully.

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