Have had a j pouch for several years and been told that some things I eat I shoud not.  Like green beans because of strings , peas, because of skin . steamed asparagus ,very cooked broccoli  and salads and all kind of olives..

Do you find any of this food I have eaten for many years bad for your pouch and difficut to digest?

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I eat anything and everything. If you’re having trouble then it’s worth paying attention to whether any particular foods or food groups cause you trouble. 

I don’t know about j pouch yet, but I have a temp end ilio and I love olives, it been 3 years and I really can’t digest it, it will be the last thing to come out and very watery 

It really is up to you. I stay away from most green veggies as they give me gas, but I eat other stuff and I'm fine. If you want to try those foods just stick to trying one different food at a time so you will know if something bothers you or not.

Good luck

I ended up in’Emergency’ after eating beans. I have not touched them since.  A bad experience!! It’s a matter of trying out different foods and being aware of the effect they have on you. Marshmallows don’t agree with me either. They bind me up and cause pain. So I stay away from them too. 🌷

Sitting here eating olives as I read your post! Never had a problem with them. In fact, they are on my easy to eat list. I can also eat cooked broccoli and spinach all day long, but iceberg lettuce and any fruit with a thin skin has been a big no. This is improving with med changes. My pouch is 29 years old and things definitely evolved over time. What I eat is based on what my pouch tolerates, which is pretty much how it rolls for all of us. It's very true that everyone is different.

I highly recommend the practice of trying one new food at a time.....and not just once.....but over an extended time, in small quantities. I've learned I can eat almost anything sometimes, but not all things all the time or with great frequency. I have my core go to foods, so when I want to test the waters with a new food, I am pretty certain if the new food is okay regularly, sometimes or not at all.

I'm curious for the reasons behind people's dietary choices/limitations. Are certain foods avoided due to fear of obstructions or is it because of the potential for looser stools with some foods or do some foods cause inflammation/pouchitis? I'm often not clear on why some foods are avoided for individuals. Thanks for any clarification (apt subject heading). 

For me personally, I limit some foods because of how I react to them.  For example, I am lactose intolerant since surgery so milk products don't treat me well. I either use Lactaid when eating them or just skip them.  I cut down on sugar cause it is a trigger for pouchitis in me because it feeds the bad bacteria.  Other foods I do in small portions because of how they loosen or tighten the stool too much.  One is raw veggies.  I can handle a few carrots, but too many and I have pain when they come out.  Another being cheese, too much and my output is so thick that it causes strain, which doesn't feel good either.

Everyone is different.  As you progress as a j poucher, you learn what your body is willing to tolerate and what it isn't.  I don't believe their is an exact science on it. You know your own personal limits.  Some people will keep a food journal to determine what food react a certain way. 

Hope this helps answer your question in a round about way

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