so I am dealing with my 2nd round of pouchitis back to back in the last 6 weeks (and I only have had the j pouch for 3 months) and the Cipro/Flagyl 14 day treatment worked the first time and was working this last time... EXCEPT I am allergic to Cipro (I get the horrific joint pain that was truly intolerable and for us that's saying a lot). So for the past 4 days I have been on Flagyl (3x daily) and Amoxycillin 875mg in the morning (instead of the Cipro 2x daily), and my pouchitis symptoms are coming back despite the strong meds!

1) Has anyone else found that only Cipro works?

2) Is it true that should I stop taking VSL3 (probiotics) while on the antibiotics?

3) Has anyone else heard/read/tried cutting back on carbs and sugar to treat pouchitis?



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Hi, RLB. I'm sorry you didn't tolerate the Cipro. It's the only single antibiotic that worked for me. There are others worth trying though, singly and, if necessary, in combination. Xifaxan (rifaxamin) helps lots of folks and tends to stay in the gut, causing few systemic side effects. It's expensive as heck, though. Tindamax and Augmentin are two others.

I definitely stay on VSL while on antibiotics (I'm actually on them full-time, Cipro + Flagyl). It makes a real difference, I think. I space it well away from the antibiotics.

Some have reported excellent results from a very-low-carbohydrate diet. I haven't done it, since my preliminary experiments showed no promise, and I'd be miserable on that diet. If you try it, I suggest avoiding magical thinking about so-called "good carbohydrates." Avoid them all and you may be pleasantly surprised. 

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