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Hello, long time no posts from me but I have still been lurking around from time to time.

I am another one of the long-term antibiotic users for pouchitis maintenance since I fight pouchitis constantly, and Cipro has been the most effective treatment for me to date (this is 10-15 years now).

As of this month (September 2021), I have not been able to refill Cipro due to it being out of stock at the nearby pharmacies. I've never seen this in the 10+ years I have been refilling it. CVS is telling me to check other pharmacies, but that it is getting harder to find.

So I am just checking if others are starting to see that now too, or if this is new? I'm in Minnesota in the USA. Not sure if this is specific to Cipro, or just the in general shortages that are starting to occur due to shipping and trucking issues at this point in the pandemic. Thanks!

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Same problem here. Pharmacies all have it on back order.

Thanks for the reply, I was starting to think I was the only one. For what it is worth, around here in MN I am being told they can't get 250 or 500mg tablets at the moment, but they can order 750's I guess. I didn't even know that was an available size. I'd have to cut those but not a big deal. Glad to hear others have not run out yet in other states.

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