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I have had pain and stiffness for a few years now.  I am 35, and I got j pouch surgery back in 2008.  Does anyone else here have this problem?  Ive intermittently had health insurance during these years, and the doctor told me last year that I have a considerable amount of inflammation in my body and low iron.  Anyone found a link between foods they eat and these symptoms?  My neck is stiff all the time and sometimes I start limping out of nowhere.  I feel like an old man.  Tired all the time.  I cant stand it.  Advice is greatly appreciated 


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Some people believe that certain vegetables can cause inflammation. Nightshade vegetables, such as white potatoes, green bell peppers, tonname just two, might be an issue if you eat these foods and have inflammation afterward. Google "nightshade vegetables" to learn more, and know that you can replace these vegetables with "non nightshade" vegetables to maintain your nutrition and variety.

I experience arthritis like symptoms, my knees, elbows and finger joints are all prone to inflammation. I have been doing much better since having jpouch surgery but I also started using cannabis around the same time to help me put on weight. I still feel like an old man though and I'm only 35, but I worked hard labor for 17years part of the time struggling with UC. Prednisone also apparently has done a number in my body.

Good luck

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I have days where I feel awful, but they are less frequent than before the colectomy.  Unfortunately removing the colon does not remove all the effect of UC, but it does reduce the inflammation load considerably.   If your health is good you might try some dietary elimations to see if that helps.  I'm 20 years older than you and will say the pain does get worse as I age and arthritis increases.  Though it may sound counter-intuitive, exercise can relieve pain and improve perceived energy level.  

might be fibromyalgia as correlation with uc.  it's difficult to diagnosis.  my pcp blew it off for years and years.  might your hospital have a pain clinic?  on meds, i exercise, meditate and in general have a high tolerance for pain so can deal with it.  but meds help!!  otherwise i might not get out of bed.  jan

I had this too.  It started when I was on high doses of prednisone, before i got my j-pouch, and lasted for 20 years.  it mostly (but not totally) went away, eventually, when i changed my diet and lost 20 pounds.  it also got better with biologics.  i saw rheumotologists, but they couldn't diagnose through the normal tests and never really helped me.

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