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I seem to have a chronic low level of inflammation that affects my muscles in various parts of my body.  There is nothing severe enough to show up in my bloodwork but the pain tends to ebb and flow,  My physical therapist says she has seen this before in patients with IBD.

Anyone know of any good way to treat this?  Ibuprofen helps but of course, that's not a good idea.  Turmeric?  Celebrex?  I've seen mention of CBDs -- what formulation?

Thanks so much!


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I don't know if this is what alock is referring to, but my rheumatologist said that in her experience a positive rheumatoid factor can be caused by various autoimmune diseases, not just rheumatoid arthritis. When my RF turned positive a few years ago, during an IBD/arthritis flare, I asked if my diagnosis would be changed from spondylitis to RA and she said not unless more specific RA labs came back positive (they didn't).

OP, do you have a rheumatologist? Many of them have enough experience with IBD patients that they'll offer treatment even if your inflammation markers aren't abnormal. 

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