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It slows down the system, my doc actually likes it because you can use as much or as little as you want- it comes in powder form so once you figure what works for you, you can make it work for you. 

i actually asked my doc for other options besides Imodium, since that’s what I usually take and it’s getting more expensive for smaller doses. We ruled out metemucil for my other medical issues). He said that I could play around with a mix of Imodium and Chol. Powder until I found a good mix or just use the powder, whatever I felt like worked for me. Or if I was traveling and just wanted to use the Imodium tabs that’s fine too. That’s the downfall of the powder (or maybe my insurance just only gives me the powder).

Downside- it doesn’t have the best taste. You mix it with water or another drink. Or you can mix it with apple sauce or something else. I stopped taking it because it made me feel bloated and gross- to the point where I didn’t even want to eat dinner. It also took longer for it to take effect vs Imodium. I have only need to take it during dinner time and with a toddler and I just have time to mix the drink and take it, or having to remember it while I’m cooking dinner etc. It’s just easier for me to take the pill. And honest the pill just works better and more effective. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time to find the right “mix”, literally and figuratively. 

I hope that LONG (sorry) info helps! 

When I was discharged after my two ops my pouch(S Pouch) went into overdrive frequency wise, and my surgeon prescribed Cholestramine which I did find helped me. I mixed it with water and quite liked the taste! 

I may ask my doctor to prescribe it again for me as I am experiencing frequent toilet visits again. After some visits to the toilet I then have to return for another pouch evacuation. I take 4mg Loperimide five times a day, suggested by my nurse as she knows I have a problem pouch!

I hope you are feeling better now.


Rev Lenny

I use Cholestyramine just once a day for the last month. There is improvement in that the horrible burning/stinging/itching is diminished, but certainly not gone. I have fissures frequently and pouchitis occasionally requiring Flagyl.  I always get excited when something works out, if only the relief would last. I may try twice daily Cholestyramine. Best of luck.

I took it off and on when I had some serious soreness that just would not heal because the acidic stool was literally tearing me apart. It was hard to time the dose because it interferes with absorption of other meds. I did figure out a sensible 2 times a day schedule and it calmed the acids enough to allow me to heal. It also thickened my stool - but not too much.

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