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I second Scott's advice. more frequent surveilence by way of pouchoscopies should be what you need to discuss with a good/caring gastroenteroligist versed in j-pouches.

I've not heard of taking anything as a chemo preventive thats more for if you have active cancer and need chemotherapy.

I have fap (Google if you want to know about the disease) and im not on any preventive meds, i get scopes each 6-8 months and ive been fine (knocking on wood) and my j-pouch is 20 years old. Was operated Oct. 15th 2001.

best wishes & good luck


I am going to agree with everyone here. I had my procedure, due to high grade dysplasia in the rectum. Beyond the 2cm rectal cuff I don’t know where else it could occur in my case.

I have an affirmation that I tell myself so i can get thru the crazy and difficult times with this new anatomy:

1. I am alive

2. I do not have a permanent bag

3. I will never get colon cancer.

although nothing is certain in this life, I choose to believe the above as it rationalizes the huge sacrifice I made to avoid future colon cancer.

I will still scope yearly and focus on my recovery.

be well and happy new year to all!!


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