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Hi I hope everyone is well. The other day I was writing down the date (5th sep) and realised 'wow' its been 6 years since my takedown surgery. I had ulcerative pancolitis for 9 month until I stopped responding to meds.

I wanted to share with everyone how it's going.

Btw I spent 2 months out of 9 in hospital during my takedown surgeries as I had the worst time possible with a ostomy.

● I have never had pouchitis

● I've had 3 blockages where my stoma was that lasted 2 days  ( 3 summers in a row because I didn't drink enough water )

● I can't pass wind standing up, I have to lay down and roll around. ( I've never spoke to anyone with the ability to pass wind standing up with jpouch )

● I have never took medication and go to the toilet 3 times a day.

● I have been a long distance runner for 4 years and have never had any problems with my j pouch

● It took 5 years for me to learn how to fully empty my pouch without feeling like I need to go back on the toilet immediately after.

I am grateful everyday to the surgeons and nurses who give me a second chance at life 🙏

Any questions I will do my best to answer

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@Chook2 posted:

How do you fully empty your pouch without needing to go back again?

The only time I could fully empty my pouch for the first 5 years was if I felt a rumble in my pouch while I was sat on the toilet but if I never felt that I was never able to fully empty it.

So one day while I was on the toilet I stood up and leaned forward 90 degrees and felt that same rumble. Now everytime I go the toilet I stand up first lean forward and wait for the rumble. My Pouch empties in seconds and there's no better feeling then a empty pouch.

That is a bit tmi.. however,  been able to fully empty my pouch on command has been a game changer for me and it has improved my quality of life dramatically.

Have you solved the how much fiber problem? If so tell me what you do. I too don’t think my pouch is completely emptying. Has anyone done the get on all fours making sure you rear end is higher than your stomach? The Thery is that way gas goes go the top and when you empty you’ll know it because that last thing you hear is gas escaping  

My rear end always has to be above my stomach before passing wind, my routine is I lay on the arm of my couch with my legs in the air, then I can feel all the gas go to my pouch.

I also have to do this seconds before I go to the toilet, I lay down in the bathroom floor, wait for the same rumble and quickly sit on the toilet.

As for the fibre problem I don't really have a problem with it. I pretty much eat what I want, with the only expectation been chocolate on empty stomach or spicy food

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