I have been complaining a lot on the Room to Rave and Rant and Need advice now forums, now however I think this may be the place for me. See in January I had C. Diff, then I always had this lower abdominal pain and it turned out I'd had fluid in my abdomen for quite some time, when they aspirated it, it turned out to be blood. Then they did a follow up CT and determined it was likely a ruptured ovarian cyst, since I currently have two, one outside and one in, one 2.6 x 4 cm and one 4.4x4.6cm, so I don't know if that's big, but they're painful. I've been out of work for the last six months (Tried to go back multiple times but always ended up sicker and back in the hospital) thinking my J-pouch was leaking or something awful like that. Now it turns out I've just lost more time to an illness that's completely different than the one I've had before, and I find myself struggling with the depression of it all.
I don't have a colon, and now I might have polycystic ovary sydrome (like my mom, aunt, and sister do) and might not be able to have babies (like my aunt). So that's what I lie around all day thinking about, the pain is pretty bad so I limit my activity to stuff around the aparment, but even then I don't get anything too productive done (like cleaning, which my boyfriend would love) it's mostly stuff like, get up, take meds, lie back down. Or get up, make food, lie back down. Even showering is standing up long enough to make me feel nauseous and weak. And this is now a hormonal issue, which will obviously affect my mood, anyone know a good home remedy for craziness that I can use until I have insurance again?
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Can you make a Planned Parenthood appointment. You can go in for an exam as you do have pain problems and they include female parts. You can talk to the doctor about your pain and depression. I'm sure shd/he would be able to tell you are depressed and hey can prescribe pain medication and an antidepressant for you. They have a sliding fee schedule so if you have no income or insurance this might be the way to go.

Also, In my state our county has a heath department and hospital. Maybe there is a way in there as well.

Then there is St. John's wort of something like that. It's an OTC medication but it never helped me much. Maybe someone at a health food/supplement store could help you as well.

I know how you feel. I'm depressed and am on 2 kinds of antidepressants. I'm so sorry for your pain. You have been seeing a doctor to find out about your problems, can you call them and ask for medications? Also if you go with an older one they are very inexpensive and there are more studies to back them up. Same with pain medication, it is cheap.

You don't have to see a shrink to get a prescription.

I too am in pain and depressed as well. I am not able to do much either and spend most of the day laying down with my heating pad.

I hope others have ideas on this too.
I am one of many pouchers who had the same sort of problem...We tend to attribute any abdominal pain or problems to our pouches but there are other organs down there...poly cystic ovaries are very common and not a laughing matter...I had no choice in those days, I worked 3 jobs praying for death or surgery, the whole time...until 7 months later they finally decided (and I could afford) to have surgery...so I understand...the one thing that I learned was that putting your ovaries to sleep helps a lot...for France, that is the treatment (I also had salpangitis at the time and they had to opperate the tube so there was no way to have a medical fix without surgery..but for the ovaries, they do not opperate here unless there are dozens of cysts)...
Find an obs-Gyn who will put you on progesterone to stop your periods and help those cyst to dissapear...they put mine to sleep for 3 years and the cysts never came back...but the treatment obviously stops your period for the whole time too...but does not effect your fertility afterwards and may improve it if the cysts dissapear durably.
Hang in there, the depression tends to dissapear once the pain and cysts are gone along with the period.
Can't help the pain, only sympathize. I had some really big cysts in the first few years post pouch and they hurt like a son of a gun.

But I can offer some positive thoughts - two girlfriends who have PCOS are moms - one with three kids, the other with one and one on the way. As my husband always tells me don't borrow trouble. Deal with the pain and then handle fertility issues if and when they occur.
Thanks for your replies! I find heating pads help, my doctor gave me a prescription for pain medication but I have to drive out 45 minutes to pick it up... probably worth it since I haven't slept much since the pain started coming on. I'm guessing soft foods are the best way to go since pushing on my j-pouch (when I go..) puts pressure against the cysts. Anything else particularly easy to digest? Thanks again everybody. And Jill, I like that saying, "Don't borrow trouble," I should plaster that somewhere these days. Razzer
The reason you have to personally pick up the prescription as most states do not allow doctors to call in controlled substances, like Vicodin and such.

Once you have that script filled the doctor's office can call in more refills without a hand written script.

Can they mail it to you or the pharmacy?

Keep following up on this so they will feel your pain!

Good Luck!
Your doctor can mail you a prescription for controlled substances and then you can hand carry that prescription to your pharmacy to get filled. And certain ones, like vicodin can be called in from the doctor to the pharmacy. Heavier dutier ones like percocet have to have an actual physical prescription. So instead of having to drive, ask your doctor to mail the prescription to your house.

Try to get oustide and sit or lie in the sunshine for awhile. It might help you feel a bit better.

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