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Hi guys,

Well me and my k pouch are getting on in years and things change.

A few years ago I started to notice red-patchy-scratchy skin popping up regularly on my face and scalp.

I tried different creams but as soon as I stopped them it came back and worsened. (I am self-conscious enough to not feel comfortable about it)

So I decided on a diet change (elimination diet). I tested dairy-free for a while and my pouch was thrilled (I haven't had milk in 40yrs but eat a lot of Greek yogurt & ice cream as well as French cheeses (non pasteurized milk). It greatly reduced the gas & gurgling but did nothing for the patchy skin.

So I tried switching white flour with whole grain and my pouch was thrilled but the scratchy-patchy remained.

So I eventually cut out all gluten. Eureka! the patchy-scratchy disappeared.

I managed about 2 months with 0 gluten (I ate potatoes or rice whenever I was craving carbs...after about a week without any bread or pasta the cravings started to dissipate) and had great results.

My skin and complexion were clear. My joints actually felt much better too, I was able to walk further and felt less tired.

I pretty much survived from June until Christmas when confinement + holiday sweets got the best of me and I overdosed on cake. The patchy-scratchies returned as well as the joint pain and the pouch discomfort.

It has been close to a year since I started my experiment with diet...although I truly miss my bread and pasta (yes, I have tried the G-F versions but they are honestly not worthwhile) I am finding that it is so much easier to not fight against my body.

A good night's sleep is priceless. Without the gluten and dairy, I sleep better, have less gas, less joint pain, and almost not facial rashes.

I won't say that I do not cheat occasionally but I am learning to master my cravings.

It is not for everybody. If you are not allergic then I do not think that it is necessary or even recommended. Apparently, I must have some sort of allergy to gluten which is why I get the red patches.

I never thought that I could live without my favorite foods but I guess that you can live without just about anything.

If you are having problems, before going for meds, you might want to try an elimination diet.


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