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Hello! I'm new here. I had my colectomy and j-pouch put in in 2012 when I was 13-14 due to dealing with UC since I was 8. The following year after that surgery and my illeostomy was reversed I had to have another surgery to correct a "twist" somewhere in my small intestine from the previous surgery since it was causing me a lot of pain. Since then, however, with no real other issues, my j-pouch really isn't something I ever think about. My frequent bowel movements and occasional incontinence at night are just part of my life now and I accept that's how I'll always be. I actually stumbled on this website as a bit of a mistake but I was excited to see how many people were active on it and how many questions were asked that I could learn from! (For example, it's very comforting to see how normal it is to have incontinence at night with a j-pouch, since it's really humiliating for me.) I was so young and anxious for most of my GI issues that I really don't remember a lot of what my doctors told me (i'm 20 now) so it feels good to sort of re-educate myself on my own body. 

My question is: Since I had my surgery at a young age but had started getting my periods already, do I still have a higher risk of infertility being a female? Or is that more common in adult women who have the surgery? 


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They say that there could be scaring and adhesions that might make it difficult to get pregnant. That being said, I tracked my cycle and within 2 months of trying to get pregnant, my husband and I got pregnant! So I think, in my opinion, it depends. They do have a lot of resources out there like IVF and even a few tricks up their sleeve that they can try before IVF. See how it goes for 6 months and I think the rule of thumb is to follow up after 6 months (or a year, if your younger than 35) to get tested for egg production, sperm count, etc. 

hard not to worry ahead of time, but u never know! It could be simple! 

Hi Marn, 

I had my first colostomy at age 2, then moved on from there. Nighttime and daytime incontinence were my life for years until I finally got my K pouch that sort of freed me to live my life the way I envisioned it. 

I tried to get pregnant after getting married at 19...I managed with difficulty but was never able to carry to uterus was folded over. They called it a hemi unterus. No one could ever tell me if it was due to all of the surgery or just that I was born that way.

So, in the end, my fertility was a problem. I never managed to have kids of my own so I raised a lot of other people's. Then I married a man with 2 of his own and I got 4 grandkids out of it.

It is a hard journey for some of us and many never make it but...being a mother is not always a biological choice. 

Sometimes it is a question of being able to give your love to a child that needs it most.

I teach and consider my students like my kids...

I would never have been able to teach if I hadn't had my pouch done. So it was a trade-off and honestly, I had no choice. 

Don't worry about it too much right your life and enjoy it. 



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