Hi guys, I’m currently in hospital for the 3rd time in 2 weeks having been diagnosed with Cdiff, naturally I’ve been quite ill with it and very weak and fainting (even in work) I’m finished my 10 day course of antibiotics now so I expected to be better. While the symptoms seemed to be getting under control they got worse a few nights ago. 

Turns out I’m clear of the Cdiff there’s worry it triggered  pouchitis or inflammation. They also mentioned cdif colitis which doesn’t sound great. Can it cause colitis? I was reading up (on google not the best idea I know 🤣) but there’s talk of perforation and damage caused by Cdif.

having had several surgeries I’m a tad worried about the pouch. when I had UC I got salmonella in hospital which lead to a mega toxic colon which needed emergency surgery. So perhaps this is why I’m a tad panicked as cdif can have worse effects. 

I guess I’m in the best place now but if anyone has been through something similar/ cdif related would love to hear about your experience,



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I had cdiff I know what you are going through. Try saccharomyces boulardii it's a probiotic that specifically helps after cdiff. Sits in the damaged areas and protects. I get mine on amazon

Hi Lidia,

So sorry you are going through this. I had c-diff last winter. I have the Kpouch ( 2 previous Jpouchs).  After the antibiotics didn’t work I underwent a fecal transplant ,direct donor. Worked very well.

The stool was implanted in the pouch . Maybe this is something you could bring up?  Will send healing thoughts your way and hope all is better quickly, 🤗


Thanks guys, was back in hosp for a week  cdiff isn’t fun especially with a pouch. It caused some inflammation but on my second course of antibiotics now and doing well 🤞 

ill check out that probiotic I’m currently using Merlak and I find it very good.

thank you both for your concern and suggestions much appreciated xx



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