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I am scheduled to see Dr. Remzi in Oct. Last time I was there for surgery we stayed in a house we rented through Hospitality Homes of Cleveland. This time around all they have are rooms in people's homes. I am not too keen on recovering from colorectal surgery in someone's bedroom so I am looking for other options. I would love to stay at the hotel that is attached to the clinic however, it is a tad too pricey for me! Has anyone stayed at the CC Guesthouse? It's close enough to the clinic but I just want to make sure it's a good/nice play to stay & recover in. TIA!!
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We've stayed in the CC guesthouse. Once. And though it is attached to the clinic (like the intercontinental is) we would never do it again. It is very overpriced and quite a dump. You can stay much more cost effectively at one of the many hotels downtown. Just go to a travel website and search for the best rates. Or you can call each hotel and ask for their CC rate. Last time I was locked in the hospital my husband stayed in a 1 bedroom the marriot residence inn downtown for less price than the guesthouse and in much more glamorous surroundings. There are FREE CC shuttles between most of the downtown hotels and CC. And some of the hotels have their own shuttles.
I'm driving up to see remzi today myself. But fortunatly its just a round trip one day visit!
We stayed in the CC Guesthouse - one night, which was all we needed. It is not fancy. What I liked about it was simply that it was so convenient, and for our purposes - 1 night, it was just fine.

However. If I were to be staying for an extended period, I'd probably try to find someplace a little more uplifting, but at the same time, less expensive.

Good luck with your surgery!
Yikes! That doesn't sound good. I did some research on it & they say they have been upgraded and updated. Not true? I am looking at staying somewhere up to 3 weeks and thought it would be good to have a kitchenette so my husband would not have to eat out everyday & night, which can get very expensive. Are there extended stay hotels that offer kitchenettes close by? Thanks for the info!
you might also want to check out the variety of websites out there for vacation homes/rentals. Although Cleveland isn't exactly a hot spot of tourism, they do have professional sports teams so I think there should be at least some listings to look at. These are usually homes and apartments people rent out when they aren't using them.

I've used many, many times with no issues. If you do a websearch you'll find some more websites that cater to these crowds.
Also, if you have a car that will factor into it. Parking can be quite costly downtown. The Guesthouse was not very pleasant, IMHO. It was fine for a night, but we wouldn't stay there any longer. If you don't have a car, the Embassy Suites were nice. They give you a nice cooked to order breakfast, they have a shuttle, they have a cc rate, they are in a good location, they can take you to other places, they also have a sitting room (it looks like it used to be a small apartment building) and they may even have a manager's reception in the evening. Also have a microwave and frig. It's not 4 star or anything, but it was quite comfortable for us.
I guess everyone is different. I stayed at the Guesthouse and would stay there again no problem. It's not fancy, but convenient, the parking is free and so is the breakfast. If you stay over 7 days they give you a weekly rate. I have also stayed at the Comfort Inn downtown and that was fine too. I was at the Guesthouse in May and the Comfort Inn last week.
My husband stayed at marriot residence inn downtown for one month with my last surgery. full kitchen, separate bedroom, free evening dinner receptions and free breakfasts, free shuttle to CC. think it was about 89/night verse the 120/night at CC guesthouse. And of course as nancy said.. more uplifting atmosphere!

There are a lot of hotels downtown with good rates. Met some people staying at comfort inn, econo lodge, hampton inn. We have stayed at many of them all more cost effectively than the guesthouse. Just call around and ask about CC rates and also be sure to ask about parking costs. You can buy an extended parking pass for CC itself. Or you can keep your car at a hoteol and shuttle back and forth.
Just found out I have to go back for a few days for more tests, appts, and EUA. So I'll be booking a hotel again myself.
Eep, sorry about the need for additional surgeries. I just booked at the Guest House yesterday (well, for my family and me for prep night and maybe a day or two) and now I'm a bit worried! My mom will be the one staying in town while I'm in the hospital and I think she was more comfortable with the concept of staying on campus as opposed to dealing with traffic, night time traveling, etc. Note - she is from a really small town!

Also, they just opened up a Doubletree Tudor Arms (newly renovated) that's almost on campus. It's not a CC affiliate and I don't know the price/ratings but it's another really close option.

I think we wanted to just wanted to go with the path of least resistance/ least complication.

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