Okay, we have one cat who had 80% of his colon removed when I had my colectomy.  Now the vet (not the one who did the surgery), is suggesting that our 16 year old cat who just had surgery for a urinary blockage might have IBD.  I wasn't even going to suggest that she figure out if it's chrons or UC.  Every time we see her, it's always another blood or urine test etc.  At this point, treat the symptoms!

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I’ve heard of animals getting that before. My dog has IBD due to stress when we were moving last year. We actually had him stay with my parents while we packed and stuff bc it was causing him so much stress and it was affecting his system. My parents watch him (doggiesit) a lot and they have dogs there so he loves it- it’s like his second home. 

Anyhow, the vet added in some medicine and a probiotic. He got better with time. Now we know how sensitive he is so we try and make things easy on him with when we go away or hit life changes. 

How does your cat deal with just a small amount of colon? Never heard of that being down in such a small animal. Maybe it’s something in the water at your place (haha just kidding). Symtpathy colon 😂

Bubba, Right now our older kitty is recovering from surgery and on an antibiotic that causes loose stools.  The cat may have IBD, but I'm waiting for him to recover and get off the antibiotic first.  Our regular vet is very good, but the one that covers for him tends to want to constantly test him for all sorts of things.  It has already costs about $3500 for all of this so far.  The cat with the partial colectomy kept having blockages and has other health issues due to being a dwarf kitty.   He's a bit of a mess and it was quite a challenge for the vet.   He had a resection and has to be on a prescription diet and given Mirolax at every meal.  

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