So we are the owners of Pudgie, an adopted dwarf kitty, who had a colectomy right after mine!  His was 80% and was resectioned.  Unfortunately, the colon he has is not very good, so blockage problems!  So now we have to give him Mirilax, and deal with the lovely consequences!   However,he is a real cutie!  

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I will have my daughter post one, not good at retrieving pictures.  He is about 3 years old but has several genetic issues; he has an enlarged heart, his legs are short and deformed as well as his mouth, also has a shortened airway, and as his vet said, "his organs are not where you would expect" because of his body size.  When he doesn't have blockages, he seems pretty happy!  Although he also broke his front paw, jumping from the kitchen table.  So we have to keep him low to the ground.  When he was a kitten, a ramp was built for him so he could climb up to the couch.  Other than that he is great.  We joked with the vet and my surgeon about him having a bag!


amazing how our animals end up with similar diseases to us!!  i had kidney failure this summer and sure enough within the month my cat, shark bait--who as you can tell by the photo did not take kindly to sailing, and hence her name--had a kidney infection!!  and she has gi problems.

yours and jan's cats are all beautiful.  

my vet says to use only 1/8 teaspoon of miralax daily and she weighs 11# or so.  i divide that dosage for her two meals.  constipation is reduced to a manageable situation.  now to get her to poop in the box all the time.....  arghhh.  janet



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