I am curious about everyones experience with Canasa for pouchitis. Once or twice a day? Used for prevention of pouchitis or during exacerbation episode? In combination with other meds? length of course?



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I only use them for cuffitis, and just during a flare. I take sulfasalazine for maintenance.


You only use them once a day now that they are double dose (1000mg). When they were 500mg you could do 1-2 times a day. But, I have no doubt that some docs prescribe the 1000mg suppositories twice a day.


Basically, it is one of those "whatever works for you" scenarios. You can use them for maintenance or to treat a flare. My GI told me that once in remission I could taper off to whatever frequency that kept me stable. I opted for the oral route instead for the maintenance, mostly for convenience sake.



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I have chronic cuffitis and chronic pouchitis and IPS.  I use Canassa at least 5 days a week and when things are more inflamed also use Anucort making 2 suppositories in a day.  I find it hard to manage and use them when I feel I can leave them in for 3 hours but sometimes it's difficult.  That is why it is important that I use Canasa so often.  My GI initially said to use Canasa daily and the Anucort when needed too.  He said that many people stay in remission for a long time but that at that time he had patients that needed to use them several times a week to avoid flareups.  I ended up in that category.  My cuffitis is now more like pouchitis in that I haven't have bleeding in a long time.  I am now also rotating antibiotics and probiotics.  


We each have to find what works for us and it is difficult.  It's taken me over 4 years and a lot of pain to get some kind of regular routine that minimizes the inflammation in my entire j-pouch.


As Jan said, mine are 1,000 strength.

Just started Canasa 1000mg one per day a few days ago because of inflammation and ulcers in the j-pouch. No other pouchitis related meds.

I also was put back on Canasa Suppositories for rectal/anal issues. Along with my chronic moderate to severe pouchitis I also have rectal inflammation and some bleeding at times. I guess I'm just one big ball of inflammation it seems  

I had a mucosectomy when I had the pouch done so I wonder about using Canasa since I don't have a regular cuff (or"cuffitis proper") like some others do. I guess I have proctitis instead due to not having the mucosa. I also have some hemorrhoids going on. All kinds of fun going on down there.  

My current Dr wants me to try Canasa suppositories for a couple weeks to see what happens. I'm not real thrilled since I have to pay for it ($418 for a 2 week supply) and I've never been real fond of suppositories. But if it works I'd be all for it, I guess I'll wait and see what happens. 


How long have you all found it takes for Canasa to work in reducing the inflammation caused by a cuffitis flare? I just started a 30 day course. I had one day long episode of bleeding which actually stabilized on its own before the Canasa. My GI scoped me and found some mild cuff inflammation, stricture and a few very small, shallow ulcers. The rest of my pouch looked great. During my scope 2 years ago I also had some cuff inflammation. Damn colon is still haunting me and my cufff is less than 1cm! I don’t actually have much if any pain and my pouch is functioning well. Has anyone had luck adding omega 3 and vitamin D?

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