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The question on everyone's mind...

But seriously, it seems like all of the people who have super low frequency (like 2-3x/day) are men, and I suspect it's because men train themselves to be able to pee (standing up) without having a bowel movement, whereas we women end up having a BM every time we sit to urinate. Are any women out there capable of urinating without having a bowel movement at the same time?

This is mainly an academic question/curiosity...
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I find if I sit my bottom on the back of the toilet seat I am able to pee without any leakage from my pouch. Sometimes I get lazy and do both when I only need to pee, but as I get older I need to pee more often and end up with a very sore bottom if I go too often. That reminds me not to have a BM unless I need to. Not sure what the sore bottom is. Could be bum burn (I've been reading about that on this site)?
Yes I can and I do, though I've gotten into the habit of just letting anything that wants to come out, come out, since I'm already in the toilet anyway. I tend to pee a lot regardless(I always have - EXCEPT when I had my loop ileo *LOL*) so between that and the pouch I try to minimize my bathroom trips as much as possible, and just kill two birds with one stone.

I admit, though, that early post takedown I viewed a #1 without the #2 as a bit of an accomplishment. Seems far less important to me this far out from takedown.

However - I challenge you ladies something else - can you JUST poo without doing a #1? I find THAT a lot harder. *LOL*
Well... having a catheter always makes it hard for me to pee for a few weeks... so I'm still in the situation where it's easy to have a BM and then I have to sit there and really think about it to pee Smiler

I think it's just on my mind because of a) butt burn and b) it still takes me FOREVER to have a 'full' BM. Sometimes I need to pee but I don't really NEED to have a bowel movement and I'm like really? I have to go sit on the toilet for 10 minutes now? For THIS?
I have freaky control of my muscles. I drink a lot of water and pee frequently, but can easily isolate the pee muscles from the poop muscles. I poop only when I choose to. It's still more frequently than "normal" people, but it's not every time I pee.

It took me a while to mentally isolate the muscles that do this and separate them, but it's kind of like Magic Eye - once you finally see how to do it, doing it again and again is not a huge deal. At least for me.

im 8 days post take down and i've only accomplished this like, twice, and was because my pouch didn't feel it had anything in, otherwise everytime i pee something comes out and is very annoying because I pee a lot but but I don't feel the urge to go to empty my pouch so much. And is so hard to isolate, im worried ill never be able. Maybe i'll try one of those pee funnels for women, since I agree that men seem to have it easier standing up. 

I usually do everything at once. My point is, if your on the toilet mind as well get everything done at once instead of coming back again. Its pretty cool too how we women do that. When I strictly feel like I have to pee, poop comes out too which I think is pretty cool lol.

Sometimes if I have to wash my hands for whatever reason , I just go empty my pouch first and then wash my hands. Get two things done at once too lol. 

well currently a bit more than 2 weeks out of takedown I have been able to pee when my pouch isnt too full. And no sometimes I dont want to have 2 for the price of one, if im quickly stopping at someones house, or I know I wont be eating and I wont have to empty the pouch I dont want to through the whole poop cleaning and smell for just a bit of pouch wanting to come out because gravity, im learning to isolate my butt and bowel muscles also.

@sombrenote posted:

I do. Once in a blue moon. About once every few weeks, usually if I have drunk a TON of water and am also in a hurry.  You have to concentrate to keep your back door closed while opening your front, but it is very doable.

So yes. Men can pee standing up without a BM. It is a thing that happens... not sure if it happens for everyone.

That is super cool! I never hear about men sitting down to pee, So cool to find that out about some men!

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