Just wondering if anyone has found that they experience problems with pouchitis following treatment with antibiotics or other conditions? I recently took amoxicillin x 7 days when having a tooth pulled. Now I seem to be having some mild symptoms like pouchitis.  Bloating/ cramping/ headaches/ muscle aches.  I am about 3 years post surgery with 1 episode of pouchitis about a  1 1/2 years post surgery. At that time I had also received a different antibiotic shortly prior to onset of symptoms for a UTI.  Any input is appreciated.  I have been eating yogurt daily and just restarted VSL 3. Thanks!

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Most antibiotics can cause a C. difficile infection, so if this does not improve on its own, you need to call your GI doc and explain what is going on. In the meantime, try taking probiotics to try to restore your normal flora.


Maybe including fermented type foods and fruits / veggies that you can tolerate will help too, to build back up good flora, limiting sugary / processed foods too.. good luck

I am digging way back to answer your question... Roughly 15 yrs ago, when I was 6 months post takedown, I was given an antibiotic course (I believe amoxicillin) for some mild cough.  I was doing great with my new pouch up to that point.  Within a few days after finishing antibiotic course, I developed first case of pouchitis.  This has become a chronic condition that has only been contolled via Cipro ever since.  Is my onset a coincidence?  Would I have developed poichiris anyway?  I can only guess - my "gut" says I would have developed it at some point anyway, but truth will always remain a mystery.

Currently thinking about other options since Cipro is (finally) seemingly losing its punch.

Darrenks, when Cipro alone lost efficacy for me adding a relatively low dose of Flagyl in combination did the trick, and has worked for a few years.

Flagyl = no beer ���� and that good old metallic taste...


But seriously, will discus with GI doc.  thx for feedback!

Not everyone gets the alcohol reaction with Flagyl. I don't drink much anyway, but I'm planning to have a beer tonight, and it won't bother me.

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