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Help. I've had my j-pouch for 4.5 months with no problems. Then, about a week ago I started going to the bathroom a lot more than usual. First, the poop was still sorta solid but yesterday it turned "right after my surgery" liquid. i had gotten into an argument with my brother and his wife about made me very nervous and stressed and ever since then, I can't slow down my output no matter what I eat. Anybody have this issue??
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First off if this only started yesterday, it could just be something that didn't agree with you combined with stress. I'd just try eating foods that you know are easy on your insides, maybe try taking imodium a few times a day and see if that helps? If after a few days you still have liquid bm's and see no improvement, you should make an appointment with your GI so some tests can be run to find out the solution for you to get better.

Oh and this is important. If you are having liquid bm's, you're gunna get dehydrated very quickly. Make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day, gatorade would be good for the electrolytes, if you can handle the sugar, which should also give you a bit of an energy boost.
You are absolutely is the 'fight or flight' reflex of the body when facing a stressful situation...when your body is under extreme stress the bowels turn liquid and empty out...even pouchless people have the problem under if it was just that day and does not repeat itself then yes, it was natures way of lightening you up and making you ready to attack or run! On the other hand, like Subsky said, if you continue to have liquid stool then aim for your pouch comfort food, Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, peanut butter etc...and keep your hydration and mineral salts up. (Canned soups like chicken rice and tomato are good for that).
Thanks for the tips. I should have been clearer in my first note. The argument/stress creator happened about a week ago. From then until yesterday morning, my frequency increased from 8-10 times a day to about 15-20. However, my stool was still sorta solid. But, yesterday morning, it went all liquid...clear or yellow. This morning, its still liquid but changing back to "poop color". I've never had pouchitis, so I'm not sure when to say when and go to the doctor. Oh, did I mention I'm not in the U.S. right now? I'm visiting family in Guatemala. I don't have access to my normal doctor. I don't have fever, abdominal pains, bloody stool, etc. Just very liquid, an irritated butt and very tired. I drink water all the time, so I think I'm good there.
Yeah, so it could be a multitude of different things but if you're basically doing fine and not getting worse then you can probably wait until your return home.

It definitely could be stress. It could be just the different bacteria there. It could be the food. It could be pouchitis. Did you happen to bring any antibiotics with you? You could try them and see if that helps.

Regarding drinking water - if you're drinking only water and lots of it you might be having the opposite of rehydration. You might need to add an electrolyte replacement product. If you can't find any you could make your own with 1 tablespoon of salt and 8 level teaspoons of sugar in 1 liter of water. You can add lemon or other flavoring as well. Some recipes also use 'Lite Salt' for the potassium.

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