It has been the worst day of my life. My puppy, who was MY puppy, died an awful, sudden death this morning...I am heartbroken!

I am having a pouchoscopy tomorrow, following bad news of fistulas and infection today. Can I have a glass of wine tonight, to calm my nerves? If not, how about xanax or ativan? I don't think I can get through the night without some help!
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I have to share condolences for the loss of your faithful companion. I have 4 dogs and they are my life savers with all of the health issues I go through. I have been in bed nearly full time for months and they are always here being cute and loving me. I truly could not fight this fight without them!

I am going in for surgery soon and I want to bring my one special guy to the hospital with me! It's so tough to be sick without him. My husband wants to make a jacket with a red cross on it for him to fake him as a therapy dog to sneak him in to the hospital. Yeah right!

I feel so very sad for you right now.

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