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I know you are not supposed to do this with some medications due to quicker absorption, obviously. But I am taking a supplement called adp oregano, which is a slow released tablet oregano. Can I crush this? If I take it whole it just goes right through me, so I would imagine crushing it into smaller pieces would make it possible to digest.

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@New577 posted:

I am going to guess yes.

I think the extended release is for the product to reach your colon (which you do not have), hence the reason it goes right thru you.

can I ask what you are trying to treat/accomplish with the product?

i am always interested in new ideas.

Thank you!

I am working with a more of a functional medicine/holistic doctor. So did some testing and found out I have a bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine (SIBO). So I am trying to treat that with some antimicrobials.

@New577 posted:

Yes, I read that this can help SIBO.

when I had it, the GI wrote for xifaxin. So expensive, insurance would not cover.

It was finally cured with bactrim.

please let us know if this supplement works or does not.

good luck!

Interesting. Do you know what kind of SIBO you had? I have hydrogen sulfide (seems Staph. Aureus is the bacteria that has overgrown) and it is causing me a ton of problems. Don’t know if rifaximin works for it, but I think there are som other things I could try if I am not able to cure it now.

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