Was just wrapping up a ten day course of amoxicilan and took a coiple weight loss pills on the last day.  Either that day or the next my poucb began to pretty consitently ache a little bit, frequency increased again and just pure liqiid again.  Seemed to line up too well after things were going well up until then.   I guess I assumed the problem was bacterial in nature but it really seems like these pills, Vintage burn brand from amazon, triggered a mild pouchitis again, even while still on tbe last day of antibiotics.  Is this possible?  Maybe im being hard headed and in denial how fragile my pouch is.  I ised to be big on emergy pills and supelpments but i think even small amounts might not work anymore.  I guess Ill give it a cpupme weeks and then take cipro if I have to.  I threw the weight loss pills away as it feels like all its burning is my pouch...

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Ingredients :
A complete list of the MAIN and OTHER INGREDIENTS in this supplement can be found on the product label, which is included in the Amazon product images.

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:

Green Tea Leaf Extract - 330mg.
Green Coffee Bean Extract - 270mg.
Raspberry Ketones - 200mg.
Olive Leaf Extract - 160mg.
Caffeine - 150mg.
Bacopa Leaf Extract - 130mg.
Garcinia Fruit Extract - 100mg.
Chrysin - 100mg.
Forskohlii Root Extract - 60mg.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Stearate, Vegetable 


The good news is I think maybe 4 days later things might be settling down.

You don't need to supplement diet pills , they are highly processed foods far from natural. Sometimes multivitamins seem to trigger my pouch , so I take them very irregularly now. Continuous supplementing pills can cause a diaroehha like situation for me too. The only few supps I take now are Vit C , zinc , creatine (preworkout) , BCAA ( sometimes post workout) , 1 scoop whey protein and fish oil caps. 

For weight loss you can drink plain lemon water ( only lemon and salt) at night before you sleep and honey lemon water/ green tea in the morning . This is how I cut my fats during cutting and rest diet remains unchanged . It helps in detox too as a bonus.

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