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I have recently been diagnosed with osteopenia (low bone density) in my left hip. Doc says I need to supplement w/ D & calcium and do weight bearing exersizes to hopefully correct and stave off osteoporosis.  I have been supplementiing with calcium, D, magenesium and K which I read are all important to bone density. I have had horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. I understand why magnesium may be a problem with a pouch but I also suspect I can't tolerate the calcium.  Just looking for suggestions as to what supplements others with a pouch have had success with.  Has anyone found a calcium supplement that doesn't cause issues?

Thanks in advance!


Have had Jpouch since 2010

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It’s usually best to change one thing at a time, if you can, to best understand what caused the results you see. Nevertheless, plenty of supplements can cause diarrhea, so it might not be just one thing. I’d also suggest you take dietary supplements with food, as that sometimes improves absorption and decreases side effects.

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