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I have a c-section scheduled for late May, and I'm very nervous! Dreading another surgery, but I've had some sphincter issues so I know it is the right decision. Ugh.

Anyway! I was wondering how long until you all were able to get up and get to the restroom on your own after a c-section? I know they put in a catheter during the procedure, but I'm a little worried about anal leakage. And because I will be numb, I'm worried that the acidic pouch output will eat away at my skin while I'm trying to recover from the c-section!

How did going to the bathroom after a c-section go for everyone?  How soon were you able to go on your own, and did you have any leakage?

While we are at it, is there anything particularly special I should pack or have with me when we go in to the hospital?

How is the recovery from a c-section after all these pouch surgeries, anyway?

Thanks all!

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I think the spinal had me numb from the waist down for a good 6-7 hours. They also had a catheter in to monitor my output and make sure I was drinking enough. They didn’t want to remove that and the IV before they knew I could take in enough fluids.

I was also sure to tell them NOT to give me a stool softener since that’s what they normally give people who get pain killers with c sections. I needed immodium! I actually didn’t have any accidents or anything, but like you, I was worried. I didn’t feel the urge to go at all.

The nurses are “down there” quite often to check on the incision and to change the dressing and pads and such so they would know if you had an accident. I would just be honest with them up front to have them keep an eye out. You def don’t want to start out your new family/adventure with a sore bottom!

in terms of what to pack, i didn’t wear the nightgowns I packed - just easier to wear the gowns from the hospital. Easier for breastfeeding and stuff. Other people hate those gowns but eh- I was so tired I didn’t care! I didn’t even think to pack a breastfeeding pillow but others suggested that after. I wish I had brought that. Also bring wipes and cream for your bottom.

Our hospital also came around to do pictures of the baby so you might want to bring a cute outfit for the baby or a blanket for him/her if they do that. Hope this helps!

Best wishes!

I had two vaginal deliveries with epidural prior to my jpouch and then a c-section post jpouch. It did not take me any longer to get up and moving post c-section than it had for my other deliveries (a few hours)- whatever they used took basically the same amount of time to wear off! I had no bathroom issues post c-section. The biggest issue for me post c-section was following the guidelines to take it easy because after all my j-pouch related surgeries the c-section pain was no big thing. You'll do great!! I have packed very light for all my deliveries. I bring my pillow I like and like a couple very comfy tanks and a couple pairs of pants, and a toothbrush. I don't bother with any of my toiletries or fancy nightgowns (if I don't feel up to my bum clothes I'm in a hospital gown). The less I bring in, the less I have to keep track of and take home.

I had my Csection after Jpouch (I have also had a Csec before Jpouch). It wasnt much different. No leakages nothing. They dont give you epidural for scheduled C, but its anesthesia/morphine combination.

My take has been clearly, dont think too much, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Enjoy you pregnancy . Congratulations and good luck.

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