Hi everyone. I have at the pelvic pouch procedures completed in 2005. I had my son in 2012 at 36weeks I went into labor early. I had a vaginal delivery with complication and a sphincter damage with a awful recovery. We got pregnant easy last time but are having difficulties this time and met with a very good fertility/ob dr the other day. I told him about my past medical history and the fact that this baby must be a c-section. He advised me of something i was never told before that a c-section can also severe damages and the possibilities of coming out with an ilisotomy. I completely understand that he was just warning me and giving me a heads up of all possiblities but this has caused alot of emotional stress on me. I have honestly cried a few times in fear and trying to convince myself to rethink having another baby. I just dont know what to do and there are not many people who would really understand my fear.
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I have one child.

My J pouch was constructed in 1991. Kiddo was born via C-section with my surgeon's approval in 2002.

All was well after. In fact, I do believe if you google Cleveland Clinic and vaginal vs C section after pouch creation, C section is preferred.

I'm not sure why they're scaring you with risk of an ostomy after C section? My gyne folks were not high risk or anything, though I think CRS was on call if needed. All was fine for me. Your uterus sort of is in front of everything, with your pouch behind it, so I'm not sure there's *too* much risk to the pouch during surgery, honestly, though of course all surgeries carry risks, AND our anatomies are different of course. Vaginal delivery was scarier with risk of sphincter tearing and issues. I don't know. Guess you gotta pick your poison.
I am also surprised he was so negative about a c-section with a j-pouch. I brought up my desire for a c-section at my last prenatal appointment. The OB I saw (an older very experienced guy) told me that it would be no bigger deal than a normal c-section and that he agreed with my rational for it. He told me that he shouldn't need to go anywhere near my pouch (he does c-sections in j-pouchers every few years) because the incision is done just above the pubic bone horizontally. He told me he would be far more concerned if I had a history of bladder surgeries but he did want my surgical notes so he could plan ahead. His only warning was, that in his experience, we tend to have a harder time getting our intestines up and running. His suggestion was that even if I was feeling good a day or so after, that I stay the maximum time allowed by insurance and to be prepared for a longer than typical stay. I sort of expected this because I was famous at my previous hospitals for being unable to keep anything down after abdominal surgeries.
I have a j-pouch and my colorectal surgeon, who is Cleveland Clinic trained, always told me that I must have a c-section if I have a baby and never a vaginal delivery. He also advised me that when I have a c-section, he must be present at birth so he can look at my insides and put me back together. I got my j-pouch in 2002 and had a baby in 2011. My incision was vertical because I had been cut open 3 previous times. I did have complications after my delivery because I got an ilius. I was in the hospital for 7 days. My baby was released before me. My OB/GYN is a high risk OB/GYN and she never had a j-pouch patient until me. She was on the phone with my colorectal surgeon from the day she found out I was pregnant. They had my c-section delivery all planned out.

You should probably go talk to your colorectal surgeon.
thanks for all your responses ladies. I'm waiting to get a plan put together before I continue to try and have another baby.
I have a perm ileo and my high risk OB said that a c-section would allow him to plan to protect my gi system, whereas if i tried a vaginal delivery and needed an emergency c-section he would not be able to take that extra care.

2 very quick, uncomplicated c-sections.

i was told by my GI doctor that I had to had a c-section due to risks of rectal damage with a vaginal birth. This was confirmed by the maternity doctor during my first pregnancy. I had two successful c-sections. It was recommended to my not to have a third pregnancy due to my high risk pregnancies. My babies are now 11 and 7!

Hi all,

My wife just had a c section with our first child. She has a j pouch from 2010.  The baby is doing great but my wife is not. 24-30 hours after the c section, she started having extreme pain in her stomach and her stomach was very swollen. After CT scans and x-rays, they thought she may have a blockage but haven’t said definitely.  After getting a tube 36 hours post c section, she improved for the next 6 hours but then got worse around 42 hours post c section, with severe abdominal pain and swelling (although not as bad as before she got the tube).

It sounds like some others have had similar issues after a c section.  Any advice on how to get things working again more quickly or if there are any other issues this may be, other than a blockage / partial blockage that should alleviate with the tube down her throat?

Im very worried. 

Thanks for any advice.


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