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So I was on cipro for 7 days for something unrelated to my j pouch. A few days after going off of it I started feeling bad. Urgency, liquid stool, abdominal pain, terrible spasms along with fatigue and nausea. Long story short, yesterday I tested positive for c diff. I’ve never had it before.

I did a search to find experiences, and it really scared me. It seems a lot of people had it when they still had their colon, and it was the beginning of the end for their colon. I sure hope this isn’t the beginning of the end for my pouch, my takedown was just 5 months ago today so it’s still fairy new. I’ve not had any issues so far aside from pelvic floor.

I just started my treatment last night (vancomycin 10 days and s boulardi) no improvement yet but I wouldn’t expect that. Has anyone had c diff in their pouch and actually cleared it up with antibiotics without recurrence? I’m really scared right now and that’s the last thing I need with how awful I’m already feeling

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Sorry to hear you got cdiff. Vancomycin will help, it took me 2 rounds of vancomycin to get rid of it, but once you get it, your susceptible to it. I got cdiff from taking too many antibiotics for UTI’s.
I was chatting with my doctor last week, he told me that Cdiff is much worse for people with colon’s. I had my Cdiff for a very long time without even knowing, until I found the right Doctor who tested me for it.

I’m sure once the vancomycin kicks in you’ll start feeling better soon.

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