Annyone out there had fecal transplant for C-diff? Would appreciate all the info I can get. I’m facing it now with a Kpouch.

Thank you all in advance!


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I have not.  I have had c diff 5 times through my life.  Three since having a j pouch. I was told the transplant would not work for me.  

Yes,  he said that the j pouch has never seen real stool and did not how that would react. Also said that I would not be able to hold in long enough to make a difference.  Have you tried vancomycin? 

Yes, Flagyl and Vancomycin. I’ve had 2 prior Jpouch’s and now the K.

Hoping and praying this will work, Getting nervous though. I do have a very experienced Dr., but we don’t seem to get it much with the pouch’s they say. Not sure why that is?



Sorry for late reply,

First J went well 7 yrs. put up with issues 3 yrs . Because I just had too much to do and wanted to try all else , wishing and hoping.

2 nd in Sept 2016, for prolapse and stenosis, had rectum removed then. Pouch worked well, body couldn’t adjust, TPN, etc. unbearable pain.

K was recommended by 2 very well known Docs. 

I have a motility issue. It a complicated thing. My husband is testing for the transplant, sure hope this works, don’t want to put an add in the papers or go on the news, haha.

Others who offered are already rejected.

Kinda yucky topic, isn’t it? But then , this is a different group, thank goodness! 🙏🏻




I will and certainly hope you can stay healthy. Will keep you in my thoughts.🙏🏻

Merry Christmas and the best to all of you out there 🎄

Hi, 🥳 Happy NewYear,

Well I had the fecal transplant on Thursday. The procedure went well, the Dr went through the Kpouch, not usually done, I guess. They have done it on another successfully.I was able to hold for several hours. 

He he did say it may take a second time, or not , hopefully not! They told me recovery from the C-diff could be a couple days to a week or so.

I ‘m really noticing a bit of a change, low intense back pain seems almost gone, yay, lots of frequent intubation necessary. Still have lots of gas. But they say that can be expected. Gotta get ones body used to someone else’s bugs in you, kinda creepy.

I guess with pouches we experience different types of feelings than a person with a colon and rectum.The K even more different?? So not sure when you are better or not, does any but me feel that way?

So, being optimistic and hoping, praying this is a one and done issue for me.

Oh, my husband was my donor and ask him,  it was so much worse experience for him😳🥴💩 haha.

Lots of humor in this too. Always good to find a story to tell in the future, right?

Looking forward to 2019 being happy and a healthy one to you all !













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