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If you get a C,diff test make sure it is by PCR testing. that is the most accurate and how Shen at Cleveland Clinic tested me. Biopsy didn't show it but PCR stool test did.

Robert, I have a BCIR so I can't comment on the runs. I drain my pouch few times a day. Vanco ruined my joints though. It took me months to be able to walk when I was powerlifting and doing crossfit daily when I got diagnosed.

It will get better. Don't stress to much. Once months pass and you test negative it becomes a thing of the past. Trust me, I almost scheduled surgery to remove my pouch. So glad I figured out what was wrong.

I only had bad gas with c,diff and towards the end (I had it for a year they think) I had bright red blood all over the toilet, so you could have it. I also never had runny stool with c.diff. I was opposite, was blocked up a lot.
Thank you Vanessavy. I have an appt with a GI/Nutrionist on November 5th.

I have asked to be tested for Lactose Intolerance though I hardly ever touch milk products and c.Diff.

I just want to get to the bottom of this why after I eat lunch, I have so much Gas that my gut is exentended like a ballon. So I have to pass it. An hour or so later, the same thing. An hour later than that, the same thing.

Its like a bomb explodes in the bathroom. Normally, I pass some stool with it after the 2nd time but I am talking that by the time I am feeling comforatable again, its near bedtime.

Yesterday, I didn't eat lunch other than yougurt that is almond, not milk based and I did not have the severity of the gass like I normally do.

But it does not matter what I eat for lunch either.

When I have c.diff my frequency goes up and the consistency becomes more watery to water. I eat lite during the day and it so it gets worse as the day goes on, in the late afternoon, evening and into the early a.m. I didn't extend like a balloon, that I noticed, but I wasn't dressed in work attire either. Are you having pain too Rocket? The stool test is the best way to go, and not to hard for j-pouchers to produce. If you aren't taking antibiotics you should be able to do the test at the doctor's office lab. If on antibiotics you need to be off of them 2 weeks before taking the test. Maybe the one vannessavy is talking about doesn't require the not being on antibiotics part.

Everyone is different. My local GI took a stool sample while in doing a pouch scope, for an obvious cuffitis. I wouldn't have known to ask for the test. He knew my past c.diff history.

Good Luck
UGH! I was in the ER two times this week. Last one I thought I was having a heart attack and I couldn't breathe. Scary few days. Anyway.. I picked up c.diff along the way. I have blood, severely bad cramping (I call it rectal cramping in my abdomen since I have a stoma) and intense gas. Since I have my rectum and anus removed I get this fluttering of massive gas that tries to push out of a closed up area. That is my #1 sign. And I am suffering bad. The blood and the cramping. Sucks.. I have to go to the hospital for an Iron infusion and get scoped to check for cancer since I am so anemic and well I am a cancer cell in general with FAP. I can't get treatment until next week when I have insurance so I am just miserable.

I took some Flagyl but my whole right leg lost feeling. So I can't take that stuff anymore either now. Vanco literally crippled me for months, I couldn't walk 20ft even. I dread it.

I have tested positive on c.diff and I was on Flagyl so you might still test positive if on an antibiotic. Who knows.. this stuff is the worst. And the smell.. .I can't even describe it. I don't eat during the day to avoid bombing the bathroom at work but the gas still gets bad just drinking water.

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