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I had c-diff 4-5 years before my surgeries. When my GI did a flex pouch scope last year he took a stool sample and had it tested too. I had cuffitis (UC) and c-diff at the same time. I had a hard time getting rid of both and now I'm having it together all over again. I've been on VSL#3DS since a few months after my take down the end of 2010 and as far as I know I haven't had pouchitis yet.

The doctors say that once you have had c-diff you are more likely to get it again vs people that never had it.

My advice is to use probiotics and never take Cipro. That is what they said caused my original case. I only use antibotics when I absolutely have to, like now to get rid of a c-diff infection. I take Flagyl, which is also used for pouchitis treatments. If Flagyl doesn't work then you have to move one to Vancomiacin. (I'm sure I misspelled that.)

Long answer to say I don't think so but you can get it again with a j-pouch. All 3 have similar symptoms except cuffitis can involve blood in the stool.
I'm taking VSL#3DS probiotics and recently started taking "s.boulardii" the s stands for "saccharomyces". The s.boulardii is a probiotic strain not included in VSL#3DS.

This is a specific probiotic that is good in fighting c-diff. Jan directed me to information on this. I ordered it from amazon for $14. 90 (non dairy) 5 Billion doses and the suggested 1 capsule twice a day. There were several different brands. After opening it is to be refrigerated to extend it's shelf life. I hope it's doing magic kicking the c-diff cells that might be remaining after I finished my round of Flagyl.

Thanks for the suggestions AllyKat. I'll look into them too.
Cipro is a good antibiotic that I use to take a lot. It is what I was taking right before I contracted c-diff years before my surgeries. I don't know all the names of antibiotics that can lead to c-diff are.

I forget what I was taking during and after my surgeries, for my abscess etc. but it wasn't Cipro. I wasn't on any antibiotics this time I contracted it. My immune system is probably weak and invited it in. In any event I got it again in my pouch and having it and cuffitis at the same time is awful.

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