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I was just prescribed Dexilant for reflux that I get from a hiatal hernia. I just read that a side effect from this kind of medicine (others areis contracting C. Dif.

I can't take a chance of getting that. What do you all know? Has anyone here gotten C. Dif from one of these drugs? I'm not taking it till I hear back from you guys. Thanks.
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I've been on a PPI for years. I have had c.diff but not from taking a PPI. I got it when I had UC from taking CIPRO one time. I don't think I was on the PPI at that time. I think the likely hood of getting it from taking a PPI is probably very rare. Ask your pharmacist. I've had c.diff since I got my j-pouch several times but I also had chronic cuffitis and IPS that had been going on for months untreated.

I take a probiotic specifically for c.diff prevention called Saccharomyces Boulardii+MOS by Jarrow FORMULAS. I refrigerate it when I get it to prolong the strength. It's in gel capsule form. You don't need to get this specific one I'm using. I forget the research I did but I believe it came up with s.boulardii for short.

Also when taking a PPI long term it's important to take vitamin D & B12. I wasn't told that in the beginning and was super low in vitamin D.

It can be real harmful to you if you don't take the PPI.
Thanks TE. This post was the one I was working on when it disappeared off the screen. So I wrote a whole new one. I suspect it will show up on this thread shortly. I must have accidentally sent this one and that's why it "disappeared." Roll Eyes

I also take that same probiotic. And I take RX levels of Vitamin D because I've had low D before.

So, since it's only for a month and I take the probiotic, you think I should be OK? My pouch has been doing great lately and I'd hate to mess with that.

Has anyone here ever gotten C Dif from taking a PPI? I can't even think how that could happen.
I see it now... It's under the thread: Omeprazole/Prilosec.This is what I wrote:
Tricia: Has the Dexilant helped? I also have a hiatal hernia and my doc just gave me samples and instructions to take for 3-4 weeks. Have you contracted C Dif?

TE Marie: Do you think you got the C Dif from the medicine?

Jan: How is this possible? I can't handle C.Dif. I had it right before my colitis started and it took 3 attempts with Vancomisin to stop it.

Please any advise on alternatives to the meds. Also, has anyone else gotten C Dif from a Proton Pump Inhibitor?

I'm not taking it till I hear back from you all. Thanks
I guess I wouldn't have any way of knowing if there are already spores. But I am going to vigilant when I go to clinicians and wash my hands really well during this treatment time. A good practice no matter if in treatment or not. Hoping for the best.

PS Jan: Have you heard of anyone here having surgery for the hiatal hernia and not being able to burp or throw up again? It was something I read a while ago and it stopped me from looking further into that option.
I got it from Cipro when I still had my colon once and think I had a recurrence the other time(s). I don't think the PPI caused it with my j-pouch but who knows for sure. I waited too long to seek help when I found out I had a bad case of cuffitis and pouchitis or IPS and c.diff. The reason why I don't know is my surgeon did a straight scope with no biopsies and started treatment for the cuffitis with anucort. I went to my GI a month later and he treated me with canasa after discussing the visual only scope with my surgeon. When I was still very ill he did a proper pouch scope with biopsies and it was a mess with cuffitis and he took a stool sample, knowing my c.diff history..... This was several months into treating my pouch with anucort or canasa. It took several rounds of Flagyl to get rid of the c.diff and it recurred several times. I started the specific probiotic I discussed above and have not had it since. I've been on the PPI the entire time.

I've had several Endoscopies and besides having my hiatal hernia and GERD my GI has had to dilate my esophagus twice. I don't know how this factors into the PPI use but I've tried weaning off of it before and I get sick.

We have enough problems with our j-pouches as it is and I can understand your concerns. Maybe you can discuss them with your doctor and s/he can figure out a different route to take or figure out how to take a smaller dose to find the minimum amount you need. I use to be on a stronger PPI. I have not had any problems since starting the probiotic, is that why, I doubt it but it could be. I would have been taking it from the beginning if I realized there was a specific one to fight c.diff. I would have been taking it back when I had my colon. I take VSL#3DS too, I'm all for prevention. I take B12 as well and run on the high end of normal when my blood is tested.

There are long term consequences of not treating acid reflux so it could be damned if you don't too Confused

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