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I originally posted this as part of a long rant, and someone suggested I post it here.  I said that my periods are especially painful because now the skin on my buttocks bleeds during my cycle.  At least that is where I think I am bleeding from, and not a UC related issue.  A GI doctor said this is hormonal, which one person said did not seem right.  That doctor has moved away and I will see his replacement next week, so I will run the topic by him.  Does anyone else experience this?

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Do you get severe irritation from using pads or having an upset pouch? As I got older, I realized that I couldn't use tampons anymore because they were causing irritation and I also avoid using things like kotex pads as much as possible. I switched to a Diva cup and my periods are much less uncomfortable and I have fewer leaks. I would try to avoid any disposable pads and switch to the washable ones if you need to use pads. I can't say enough positive things about the cup vs tampons. It is night and day more comfortable but it is a PAIN to empty in public restrooms and I only have public restrooms available at work (thankfully this is a once or twice per cycle issue). I've noticed that most women complain about their pouches or colons getting upset during their periods so make sure you are keeping yourself as clean as possible and using a cream. I would look into setting up a bidet at home if you don't have one. I carry baby wipes in my purse in case I start to get irritation when I am out. I started using the corn starch baby powder I bought for my daughter and it helps a lot as well. I wash with the bidet or baby wipes, dry my skin, apply some powder using a square of TP, then apply some calmoseptine. If you aren't using it, calmoseptine is a life saver for most people with bowel issues and my husband swears they put some sort of skin stem cell factor in it. The other thing I could think of based on the doctors assessment is endometriosis? If that is the case, you should see a gynecologist. 

Hi, before my period I experience pouchitis like symptoms and with the frequency and night time incontience I do get bleeding skin. Does anything help? I swear by calmoseptine for any skin breakdown issues. Keep us updated? I wish there was more out there regarding menstrual cycle and pouches. Take care and hope to hear more, Julie 

I have a k pouch (and yes, I have been menopaused for years) but during my periods I would always bleed from my first it seemed like a coincidence but as years went by, I realized that it was just a biological fact of life.

Your hormones control a whole lot more than just your periods...they control your whole digestive system as well, causing diarrhea or dumping if you are chronically constipated, they make things swell, your gums bleed (yup, those too) and other tissues as well.

Headaches, foot aches, swollen hands and feet. So naturally, anything on or near our pouches can react as well. 

Not sure if you do or don't but if you do, try hot can even use essential oils like lavender or rosemary or thyme. Mix with some natural sea salts in a large glass jar or pot and throw a few handfuls into your bath is both healing and soothing.



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