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just wanted to share a tip. For the last few years I've put conditioner (hair conditioner) "down there" while showering when I have butt burn. It calms it down almost immediately. It doesn't always solve the problem, but it does give relief! Super weird, but it works!

Let me know if you try it and it works. It doesn't seem to be any specific brand, it always works for me. 

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Most men don't use conditioner.  

I had butt burn so bad I would have tried dog poop if someone suggested it.  So I would have tried conditioner. 

And I had it so bad I eliminated it entirely.   

Kudos to those still fighting it.   It's the worst part.  For me anyways.  Butt burn.   It's terrible and was for me life altering.  

So.  Conditioner.  It's worth a try to think of several who have it.  It's a cheap option. 


I can't help but chime in with my recommendation of ilex Paste..... no I don't work for ilex.

After enduring the most excruciating and agonising pain due to leakage around my Stoma, it was the ilex Paste which brought instant and soothing relive; withing 3 days my skin had completely healed, no trace whatsoever; I continued to apply ilex, as a preventative measure until takedown.

Before discovering ilex, I had applied all kind of products and nothing worked.

Since takedown, I've never actually experienced the butt burn but I've used the ilex Paste to treat anal fissures.

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Oh yes, there are definitely products specifically for the burn!

I realized the conditioner worked by accident when I hadn't rinsed it from  my hands after putting it in my hair and having the burn come on get the idea. �� It was such a surprise the first time I thought it was a fluke! Since that time I've stopped stressing over having the calmoseptine on hand when it's low because I know I have the conditioner and it works just as well. 

Really, it was just a random tip in case anyone was tempted to try something different. Thanks for the input y'all! If you try it out I want to know if it works! 

I am based in the U.K. so I'm not sure if this is available where you are, but the best relief I've found from this has been colesevelam tablets, prescribed by my surgeon.

It is a bile acid sequestrant. Bile is usually reabsorbed in the lower part of the small bowel, so this process can be disrupted by the pouch surgery. The bile burns the skin. 

I also tried something called cholestyramine, which was granule that performs a similar function. But I have found the tablets much easier to take ano more relaible. Partly because taking a large amount of liquid in one go, as required with granules, seems to irritate my bowel

If I miss a dose or two of the tablets I really notice the difference.

I use Calmoseptine, which works, but I can't stand my clothes being stained (I have tried putting petroleum jelly on top of it but that is just as difficult to get out of clothing in the laundry). I have also used Critic-Aid clear by Coloplast, which was given to me at the hospital after my take down (August 2016). This works very well and very little staining.

I am hoping to find a butt burn solution that is clear like the Critic-Aid but is over the counter. The ingredients in it are: petroleum, cellulose gum (CMC), dimethicone, tocopheryl, zinc oxide.

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