Hello Friends it’s been two months today since take down. Overall, I am feeling okay back to work, and living a good life. 

Problems are in the form of butt burn. I have taken the forms advice and use a small water squirter to clean my hole. Next I use Calmospetime cream which makes a huge difference. My question is will this be something I have to do forever. When does the Jpouch start to take care of acid? 

Also, my stomach extends at times when I eat, and or drink alcohol. Do I just need to go on an intense diet for it to stop hurting. I still have and feel some firm spots in my stomach, but still going to the restroom okay. I take Imodium, acid reducer and Metamucil. How long will this need to happen. Should I just stop drinking alcohol completely? 

Thank you!

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My doc said give it a full year for improvements.  I think we will need to keep things clean dry and protected forever, but you'll get used to it.    Two months is not much time, be patient with your new plumbing.   

Everyone differs, but I get bloated from fiber supplements, so I gave up on them.  Maybe I will try again in the future.  

I can't say about alcohol, as I'm not much of a drinker.   But for sure I'd avoid beer, because of the carbonation.  Soda is also out.  

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