Just thought I'd share some of my experience from the past 3/4 months regarding how my mix of meds has changed a little (for the better)....

For anybody else who has battled butt burn, cuffitis, etc... hopefully this will be a little encouraging??....

(knock on wood) I have had a great past 3-6 months. My first year after takedown was pretty rough... I battled lots of BB and cuffitis symptoms. For me just hanging in there and finding a way to get thru it has proved to be a viable strategy (at least so far).....

I had stopped using any fiber supplements because it made the cuffitis worse. But a few months ago I started just taking one metamucil capsule in the morning with other meds. It made a big difference??...slowed things down and lessened burning....additionally, immodium never worked very well for me.. I always had to use lomotil - both pre and post surgeries. But in the past couple months just for kicks i tried substituting immodium for some of my lomotil doses and it actually worked much better @!!..... I have cut my lomotil back from 4/day to 1 or 2,

Long and short..... if you have been having a rough first year post-takedown... hang in there !!! at least for me my second year post-takedown has started out so much better across the board.... I'm to the point where I pretty much only use ILEX for topical burn. I don't even bother with all the creams etc...don't need them anymore.

take care all........
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