Ive tried so many things for butt burn spent so much on useless products and hurt myself using some bad ones

I found a cheap maintenance brand  to share. (Now I still have to use my cocktail of nifedipine/lidocaine/nitrogylcerin when its really bad but this is for daily use). 

Its called Corona and I got it at the feed store while shopping for my dog. There is a picture of a horse on it and the tube is huge hence the bargain price of about $8. Its used for pet wounds I think but its been really helping my skin.

Its mostly lanolin and beeswax but it coats well and has no smell or sting. I love it and wanted to share this new find. 

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I may have to try this! (Can't help but find it funny with the picture of the horse, just goes to prove our butt burn can be enough to put a horse out of action! haha)

Follow up! I checked with a wound care nurse friend of mine and she looked at the ingredients and said it looked very good as a barrier cream 

I think it’s the beeswax percentage with the lanolin that creates such a nice coating 

its available online although it’s fun going to the feed store too 

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