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I'ved tried lots of things, but a little witch hazel on a cotton ball or cotton pad(if stings really bad skip this but I found it soothing), followed by A + D Ointment, which is found in the baby section of stores.   Stay away from hot and spicy peppers/food.  I spent a few nights screaming in the bathroom.  No fun.  The Recticare with Lidocaine burned, so save your money.  Good luck and best wishes for better days/nights.


I ditto Jan's recommendation for Ilex paste! Don't think I would have made it last 2 years without it! The order comes fast! I now order several at a time, including the jar of it which lasts a long time? If your son is really sore it may burn a bit initially but it will really allow it to heal. I find it also stops the leakage and I use always at night- think it blocks output helpng me get few hours of uninterrupted sleep. I use large quantity of Vaseline after each BM to clean it off and then start all over. Two years out I only use Ilex paste at night and for occasional flare, but nice to know I have good defense. I also think powdered Metamucil ( I actually like Walmucil from Walgreens because no Aspartane in it) absorbs some of acid. Imuse 3x day with meals (1 tsp. mixed in 2 oz. Orange juice.)  If it continues, might ask Dr. for acid reducing drug call Colestipol. I was trying to phase it out but couldn't- I take max dose which is 8 per day. Good luck- hope he gets some relief soon!


I can't tell if what I am experiencing is severe butt burn which is leaving me close to screaming in the bathroom or if it's still cuffitis. It's not the skin around the anus it's very much the anus and a little bit up there. I was using preparation H to no avail which does nothing. And I have been using cortifoam which burns only right at the end so I feel like that it where my problem is. It used to burn further up so I feel like some of it is getting better.  I bleed a little sometimes and it gets itchy as hell. My stool varies during the day from formed to complete liquid and I've been getting terrible gas lately. But that's besides the point. I am looking into a lower acidic diet but I feel like I don't really consume really high acid foods I am not adventurous when it comes to diet I miss my veggies. But I already go to the bathroom a lot and I don't really consume much fiber. I had a mucosal stripping about 2 months ago and I feel like my doctor is just waiting to see if it gets better he doesn't seem to have any other options. I miss my ileostomy quite frequently. My takedown was in February. This Ilex paste sounds good but I don't know if that's what my problem is?

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I've found the bidet to cause more harm as it causes your groin to become a moist breeding ground and spreads the stomach acid around causing me a jock itch type fungal infection.I just use calmoseptine now and try to make my stool less acidic with imodium,husk supplements and diet.I think it's best to keep the area dry.

It’s certainly true that failing to dry properly after using a bidet can lead to trouble. I don’t think the bidet is the culprit, though - improper use of it is the problem.


When I took antibiotics in the past I was very prone to fungal infections in the groin area and legpits. Blow drying the area after showering completely resolves the issue. If you stay dry, you stay fungi free. Like Scott said it's not the bidet, it's the drying hygiene that causes the issue. And anyone taking antibiotics as well as using a bidet has to be super careful with the drying hygiene.

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