I am in week two after my take down surgery. I have started a regular diet, and the consistency of my stool is either runny or solid at times. 

When runny, I go more frequent and after a while it hurts my anus. I use good quality toilet paper then wipes. When really bad diaper rash cream. 

I am dying right now with the pain can’t sit long and walk funny. Any suggestions on creams or advise on how to reduce the pain, it’s really a pain in my ass!

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This is a painful lesson to learn for sure.  

Here is what works for me, everyone will have a variation that works for them!

1.  Avoid wiping.  Get a squirt bottle (sometimes called a 'bidet' bottle) and fill it with warm water before you go.  Rinse, rinse again, and again and then blot gently with TP.    Yes, this means carrying a bottle into a public bathroom.  It is worth the effort as it is better than wipes.  

2.  DRY is key.  So after I clean, whether with a squirt bottle or bathing, I wedge some dry TP back there to absorb every bit of water possible.   You could use a cool blow dryer if that is workable.  If you do use a wet wipe, you need to dry after.  

3.  Apply zinc oxide cream when you are clean and dry.  If you are wet this will just seal in the water and make matters worse.  Do this every single time.  You can get away with skipping once in a while, but do it too often and you will regret it.  

4.  When you are in a bad way (I've been brought to tears) the best thing is to bathe.  You can get in the shower , a shallow bath, or a sitz bath.   A sitz bath is a basin you fill with warm water and then stick in your backside.   After soaking, dry well and then apply the barrier cream.  Did you notice I keep mentioning 'dry'?  That's for a reason.

5.  My doc prescribe a med for me.  Cholestyramine is  a bile acid binder, it will make your output less "hot".   I mix it up in water and drink it twice a day.  Very nasty, but it does help.  She also gave me hydrocortisone cream, but you can't use this long term - better to stick with the zinc oxide.  

I get that all this is very time consuming, but you will get faster at self care and it won't seem as hard.   Plus your skin will actually toughen up after a while.  

I second everything Girlunky suggested. You do need to rinse with water, no wiping with toilet paper, no matter how soft or whether it's called cashmere! The bidet bottle can be found in special health care stores selling equipment like braces, canes, supports, etc., or from Amazon for around $12. It has a special angeled nozzle to reach the tricky spots perfectly. I bought two during my takedown, one for home and the other in my purse.

Eventually I ordered a bidet attachment for the toilet (under $100) and had it fitted to the hot and cold water lines from my sink. There are tutorials on YouTube to show you how to attach it. Just watch it a couple of times, lay out everything first, and do your best. Takes about an hour to attach. My toilet bidet saved my life because, like you, the frequency and burning was terrible.

Dab with toilet paper after you rinse, but never ever wipe. Even wet baby wipes are no use because you are still wiping. I used Zincofax cream because it worked for me within a few hours healing my skin; it's readily available and not expensive ($10?). Baby section of any drug store or supermarket. Good luck to you. 

My Dr also prescribed Lomotil.  But I don't take it all the time because if my output gets too thick then I have trouble emptying and end up making more trips to the bathroom with just a little coming at a time.  But when I'm really losing water it helps.  You can try imodium which is OTC.  

When I tried a fiber supplement I had trouble emptying, but lots of people love it.  So it's trial and error for all of us. 

Doc also told me to try eating some Cheerios before every meal for a while.  

You'll get better!


My experience is that no cream is any good in the long run. I am still partially struggling with burning and itching but most times I can contain it by showering my bottom after BM - especially in the evening and before going to bed. Obviously I cannot shower when I'm out or at work but I do it 9 out of 10 times at home. It's a hassle but it's worth it.

It used to keep me from sleeping and it was a nightmare. Laying and itching for 6 hours, stressing over how little sleep I was getting, drove me absolutely crazy. Doctors suggested, and I have tried, every cream, paste and gel on this Earth but nothing beats regular plain water.

P.S. if it keeps me from sleeping there's a plan B; prescription grade sleeping pills.

Time will help for sure. (I remember thinking I was crazy for doing this surgery for some time after).  But, for some reason, the butt seems to 'toughen up'. I'm a big fan of psyllium. I find it helps prevent the liquid that seems to cause so much burning. 

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Thank you both so much, I just went on a crazy shopping spree on Amazon and bought all the things wish me luck, ugh this pain sucks. Hope it’s over soon. One last question my stool is super watered now should I Metamucil it or take pills to harden and will this make it better?

Metamucil will surely thicken up things but there's a catch. It may also come with added gas pains and increased urge to rush to the bathroom. Focus on foods that fit you. Eat alot of bread, pasta , hard boiled eggs(if they suit) , bananas, butters,chicken.

Steer clear of large portions of fresh fruits or salads, sugary foods. A little sugar won't harm but trust me you don't want to overdo it. I rarely eat chocolates and desserts now. They give me instant diaroehha.

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