So I had my last J-pouch surgery back in the Spring of '15.  Here's my frustration - the issue of "butt burn" following a bowel movement.  It doesn't accompany every BM but often enough...meaning several times a day.  I've monitored my eating habits and eliminated certain food items that I thought might be the cause however, nothing has consistently eliminated the butt burn.  Maybe it's me but I've not had much luck researching solutions on my own nor has my gastroenterologist been much help.  Any and all suggestions or  recommendations are appreciated.  Thanks!

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need time i am 8 mounths some time still have but burn but is not like i was one week op post be patient with time soon will be good its not the food some food will give but burn but after op think that this is new to small instine and need time learn .

small instine is not like colon need time to accept that he will be the colon this is big trauma to digistive system with the time butt burn will go offline like push(urgency) butt burn leakage the fecals now go out no at ileostomy at small instine and every food will make you  problem

first time when i eat everythimg cause butt burn to me like spagetthi like everything first  two mounths you not drink alcohol eat what doctors says not fried and chocolate  no eat at two mounths

Thanks for the feedback, Borislav.

To answer your question, Scott....yes, I apply a series of three ointments after each BM -- lidocaine 5% (anorectal cream to address the burning sensation), Calmoseptine (which my surgeon and others have recommended) and finally Aquaphor (petroleum jelly to act as a skin protectant.) 

Chasmo, have you tried ilex skin protectant paste.

I've never actually used it myself to treat a diaper rash type butt burn, although I've experienced tremendous results when applied to the red raw, oozing and festering skin around the Stoma of my loop ileostomy prior to my j pouch.

Once the ilex paste was applied, within 3 days my skin erosion was completely healed and I continued to apply the ilex, purely as a precaution until my takedown surgery.


No I've not tried that but in reality, I'm not experiencing any sort of rash like symptoms.  The skin and "surrounding area" are perfectly fine - there's no rash or redness but the burning sensation exists....that's what's making it hard (at least for me) to figure out what to put on it or if it's completely related to my output.  I will say that it is at it's worst (worse?) when my stole is loose or almost all watery or loose.

Well, from time to time I've experienced exactly what you've describe but more often than not, I dont think it's due to a loose stool; maybe a slight leakage but whatever the cause, I apply a small amount of ilex paste and normally by the time of my next BM (normally 4-5 or maybe 7-8 hours later) the burning sensation has gone completely and I've no need to reapply the ilex.

When I've applied the ilex, I find it's much easier to cleanse using wet wipes first, as toilet paper tends to drag and tear against the applied ilex, until its been lubricated and partially dissolved by the wet wipe.

I tend to remove all traces of ilex with a wet wipe and dab/pat dry with the toilet paper and re apply the ilex if necessary.

Does your burning sensation only occur during a BM or does it occur anytime, anywhere ?

If only during a BM, it could be an Anal fissure, just to the inside of the anal sphincter, which I've also experienced and also alleviated by applying a small amount of ilex paste just to the inside of the sphincter via the tip of my finger. 


Hi Chasmo

I get butt burn all the time. My routine for a bad butt burn day is,  swear a lot, pat the butt clean with soft toilet roll (I always get the good stuff, 4 ply, ultra soft. Our butts go through enough as it is so the little luxuries count ) I use bepanthen which is a nappy rash cream in the UK.  Love the stuff! Then imodium to try keep the number of movements down and I try to eat really low fiber food during the day, bread, pasta, potatoes...ect so that when I do go to the toilet my stools would be soft as not to aggravate the butt burn. Also when I have finished going to the toilet, cleaned and applied cream I do just sit on the toilet for 5 minutes before standing. I don't know if it is the same for you but if I rush to get off the toilet the motion of standing really causes a stinging butt burn sensation as well. 

I hope some of this helps.

Thanks for your suggestions, Scatty.  I especially like:

"try to eat really low fiber food during the day, bread, pasta, potatoes...ect so that when I do go to the toilet my stools would be soft as not to aggravate the butt burn." 


It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one going through this particular issue following the take-down surgery.

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