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Hi all, I've started taking 20mgs of Buscopan 30 minutes before meals, breakfast & dinner, and movements have reduced from 8-12 per day to around 6. I'm so pleased. However I'm still quite loose so have 2 questions please,

1. Is it safe to use Buscopan for long periods at this dose?

2. Is it safe to mix with Cipro and/or Rifaxamin?

I would ask my GI but you guys seem to have more practical knowledge of these things. Indeed I am only trying this solution after reading about it here.

With thanks



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Thanks, believe it's called Scopolamine in US. Hyoscine butylbromide. An anti spasmodic.

Tried Psylium husk but not so good. In fact I've tried everything & concluded that 8-12 movements is how it's going to be, but then I look for solutions after getting so fed up. To be honest I'm giving up & accepting 8-12 as s normal. 

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