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What are these symptoms?

I went off of Flagyl a month ago and had been getting really really good results from Visbiome...until three days ago. I was in a stressful situation. On top of that, I decided to eat cake. It is the understatement of the century that I am wishing I could turn back time one week and get a do-over of my life because I'm TERRIFIED that this is the return of my UC and the end of my future. I'd been feeling really really hopeful about life finally. UC teaches you that you can never make long term plans -- as soon as you start feeling good, it pulls the rug out. It's happening again. I had just started telling people about my long term plans and how I feel like I FINALLY had things under control after 40 years. So much for that.

At 2am on Thursday morning I woke up needing to go to the bathroom. It burned. It was sticky, not emptying completely. I had eaten spicy food 2 nights earlier because it was recommended by a friend and I thought I'd try it. 6 hours prior I'd also eaten a piece of chocolate cake, which I never do. I was traveling. It was a banquet. I thought I could risk it but I was very very very wrong I guess.

It started to hurt so bad that when I emptied my pouch I would scream. It was burning and stinging. The whole day I decided not to eat at all except some Metamucil wafers. Things got better a little bit. I loaded myself down with Calmoseptine so it wouldn't hurt as much but it seems like it's actually a little bit further inside than my rectum because the Calmoseptine doesn't help that much this time and it usually does.

The stinging and burning is still happening, but a little less than before. I don't need to scream to go to the bathroom now but I do keep getting little twinges of stinging and burning even just walking around going about my day. The weirdest thing of all is that there has been very little output despite having eaten over 50g of metamucil fiber today plus whole wheat bread, eggs, and lentil/vegetable soup. There's just been maybe 1/2 cup of liquid exiting me total for the whole day. How is that possible??????? Where is all the food I have been eating? Did it just vaporize? I don't feel obstructed. Usually when there's a blockage I can feel it right away.

What happened to the inside of me? Does this sound familiar to anybody? Did my cake mistake ruin the rest of my life? I would give anything to rewind the week.

I wrote a message to my doctor but it's Friday night and I won't hear from her for a while. I am going crazy. Please help. I don't know if I should go to the ER or not. I already owe so much money in medical bills that I cannot add anything more to the balance right now unless I'm dying.

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Have you looked up the symptoms of an anal fissure? It sounds like that may cause such burning and stinging you describe. If such a fissure is located inside the anal channel, it burns if an undigested piece of food (like nut pieces) gets stuck in there.

If so, you could try to flush it out with a strong water jet (bidet or shower). Or carefully examine with a finger and a non irritating gel like petrolatum.

When I had such a fissure, I could tolerate it during daytime when I was busy, but it was difficult at night when I could not sleep because it burned. An enema with water only was also something that helped me in that situation (as I thought for several weeks I would suffer from an interior inflammation like cuffits).

So, I probably panicked.

It did sound consistent with an anal fissure. The symptoms have fully resolved themselves. It took about 7 days. My doctor told me she would have wanted to take labs and a stool test if the burning/stinging got worse but luckily I didn't have to go through all that.

I think it was either eating Sichuan pepper or cake that did me in, combined with being in a hyper-stressful/emotionally triggering environment. I was back visiting the town where I lived when I was first diagnosed with UC in 2003 and where many of my worst illness memories happened.

Once I got home I still had some healing to do but eventually when I returned to my regular routine, sleep, and diet I started getting better.

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