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My 84 year old father has IBS and has recently been complaining of unusual abdominal pains and telling me "something isn't right." An abdominal ultrasound came back normal and now he is being sent by his GI doctor for breath testing, which is done to determine SIBO and a variety of other gastrointestinal disorders:


I was wondering if anyone here has had this testing done for SIBO or other disorders, and if so whether it was helpful as a diagnostic tool.

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I just had the breath test this past Wednesday 12/15. GI called with results two hours later.

yes I have SIBO. GI wants to prescribe xifaxin, but currently on bactrim for uti.

will see GI in Jan and will evaluate need for the super expensive xifaxin at that time.

I had to have the test since insurance will not cover this drug without a SIBO diagnosis.

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FWIW, doxycycline worked well to treat my SIBO, and it’s inexpensive. The insurance company denials are frustrating as heck, but fighting them is sometimes a long process. The fight is clearly worthwhile if there’s no reasonable alternative, or if you need to be on the drug for years, but sometimes we get sucked into a fight we’d be better off without, especially if it delays care for a troubling problem.

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