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Anyone here had their bowel twist before? I got a CT Scan the other day and they told me that some of my bowel has started twisting. My surgeon wants to do a laparoscopic surgery to untwist the bowl and then put some stitches on my pouch so my bowel can't sneak behind my pouch. However, if the twisting looks more concerning possibly put  mesh behind my pouch to prevent my bowel from getting behind my pouch. 

Bowel behind pouch would cut off my blood supply and start to kill my bowel is what I was told so we want to avoid that. 

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@Danr11 posted:

Hello, I have had a bowel twist before that was caused by excessive abdominal exercises. I had surgery for it and it was successful. I was able to keep the J-pouch. Having a twist is very painful and I really hope you are doing well.

WOW, I never knew excessive exercise can cause bowel twists- I knew it can cause hernias though, I am glad I know that now, thanks for sharing and I am glad you are doing better.

@Safado posted:

Doing so much better thanks! The first three weeks after surgery were rough but things got to normal after that and I’m back to eating my normal diet and there’s no pain now like there used to be. It’s great. 

I am soo happy to hear that! Definitely take it easy and be careful when exercising. We have a delicate system so we definitely have to treat it delicately too. Soo happy you are okay

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