It feels like I’m having low abdominal pain and have been for weeks. Doctor wasn’t quite sure at the moment what it is and I just had a sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy a month ago and everything was relatively okay. Does anyone get pain like that? It especially happens around bowel movements and sometimes gets worse afterwards. It was constant for two weeks now it’s intermittent. Let me know thanks!

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Not sure of your age but could it be endometriosis? Ovarian cysts? Adhesions (they really do not show up on most exams), does it hurt more if/when you press on the abdomen or when you release? Worse around your periods? 

Not sure if this is generalized or specific to us but I believe that us pouch-girls tend to have more problems with ovarian cysts and other problems (because of all of the surgery and inflammation that we suffered from prior to having our pouches done???), we also tend to 'grow' adhesions in any place that they cut or played around in...

Just a thought.


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