Currently, experiencing my 2nd bowel obstruction. I had my first one around 6 months ago, and it included a trip to the ER, CT scan, NG tube, and days in the hospital. There was more pain this time until, after a couple of hours at the ER, I threw up a lot. After vomiting, I felt better and went home. That night, I had good BMs every hour or so making me think the blockage was cleared. Around 2 days later I'm on a clear liquids diet and am passing gas w/ stool. However, I'm not passing much of the liquids I'm drinking, and I'm wondering whether I'm still obstructed or just not drinking enough to have what I would consider a good BM. Currently, I have no pain to slight tenderness around my scars. Going to the bathroom every 1-3 hours or so I would guess. 

I am drinking hot green tea, water, G2, sleeping a lot, and moving around some. I ordered a heating pad that will be here tomorrow morning. I might move to full liquids with almond milk yogurt to see what happens, but am not sure what to do. Any advice? 

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Thanks Scott! I've had some soft foods today and seem to be doing okay. BMs still seem unusually small, but I'm not really having any pain and have a good appetite. I'm still slowly increasing my food intake, so maybe when I pick that up things will return to normal. 

I have noticed blood on the TP during 6-7 BMs today. Ranging from pink to dark red. Is that normal after an obstruction? 

Probably did do some straining. Hemorrhoids are always a battle for me though. I did notice a bloody piece of stool today. Some stool was normal but there was a bit that was very bloody/dark red. I'm hoping that was part of blockage and that the bleeding will lighten up in the next couple of days. Good news is that I'm feeling good, am on a low-residue diet and will probably head back to work tomorrow. 

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