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It has been a long time for me, but here I go.
I have been suffering from bowel blockages and burning pain for months now. Nerve pain in the rectum that has become unbearable. Sat 7/16 I was at my end. I have not been eating solid food as it will not go through me. Even Ensures won't pass. I live with a heating pad on my belly and by butt in the evening. Sat the vomiting was so bad my wife got a message to my GI in Santa Rosa at Sutter that I need to be seen. Monday they called and said go to the Er immediately because of the vomiting. I told him I don't want to go to the Er, I was there three months ago, they treat me like I'm crazy. He insisted so I went. He said he would call ahead. I arrived at 3:30 pm, anyone who has been to Sutter Santa Rosa will know they do not have a waiting room. You sit outside on folding chairs. I sat outside until 8:30 pm when they go me indoors. They did the usual, Ct scan, blood work. Told me I didn't have a block and appeared fine. A couple small gallstones. Not the issue I told them, it is lower abdomen burning and cramping on my right side where it always is and sever nerve pain in my rectum, like I have never had before. They said maybe small infection, put me on a low antibiotic. 26 hours in the emergency room, they got me a bed upstairs. I kept asking where my Gi was , they kept trying. Last night 7/19 at 5 pm a Gi came to my room,( Dr Batista) who has never treated me. Told me I am not sick, I do not have a block, and the pain I am feeling I have always had. The staple that I feel in my rectum, is from my original surgery, nothing they can do about that. Every time he asked me a question he cut me off during my answer. He was there a couple minutes, rolled his eyes at me and said they will scope me in the morning. Hell No! I did not let him touch me. We filed a complaint with the hospital and I demanded to be released. Why would I let this man touch me, who tells me there is nothing wrong with me.
I feel bad for the nurses, because they really tried, they are not the issue.
So I came home. No medications talked about, no antibiotics,,, since I am not sick, and have not eaten since Sunday( a few potato chips) maybe one scrambled egg and some apple juice. That was 11;00am this morn, I am ready to vomit now, it won't pass.

I know it is a strangulation of scar tissue, I have had this before. I am told "no it's not"

So I have messages out to all my doctors begging to get me back to UCSF San Francisco. Lets see. No word yet.

I am at my wits end, and needed to vent.


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Brian, does your insurance allow you to go to any hospital & doctor or are you locked into a medical group? If you can go to any hospital, go to UCSF emergency at Parnassus and they'll figure out what you need. If you're locked into one medical group (for example Sutter), you'll probably need some sort of authorization to go to UCSF or you'll get stuck with the bill. You need medical help now, as vomiting is serious and can bring on dehydration. -- Rose --

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Oh I feel this, vent away. I was the “mystery bowel blockage” person too for two years of hell, back and fourth to the ER, unable to eat, etc. Doctors sometimes would say “maybe it’s a blockage”, and other times it was exactly what you got or being told it’s in your head, or worse, sometimes accused of being a drug addict. Anyway, long story, but after 2.5 years I accidentally found a surgeon with compassion who, only going in a hunch that my j pouch wasn’t functioning,  operated and discovered I was so full of adhesions that my j pouch no longer functioned. It had bowel twisted and trapped underneathe, and the pouch itself was twisted. How this stuff doesn’t show on the bazillion CT scans I had, I’ll never know. Anyway, keep fighting for answers, I know it’s so hard. I did have a test called a sitz mark test that seemed to confirm her suspicions a bit if that is helpful. These little radioactive beads go through you and when they got to my j pouch, they never left, which is why she thought a functional/adhesion issue.

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