I have always been inordinately proud of my skeleton (the only part of my body that I really liked) because I took great care of it, exercised and ate well. Then I broke both radii in November during a fall and had a shock. But considering the speed at which I was walking and the violence of the shock when I fell I figured that I got off easy with 2 broken elbows...meaning that my skeleton was still strong and proud. 

Yesterday I redid my x-rays for the 3-month appointment with my new Orthopedist. 

Re-shock. Although the right one was starting to heal, the left one was worse. The fracture is wider than the original x-rays and the 6week scan. Not healing at all...doing a bone density test today...the x-rays showed nearly transparent bones. 

Why so suddenly? What happened that last year they looked great and this year they look like glass? 

Doctor told me to stop falling (as if it was a lifestyle choice!), that I was in big trouble and that he was worried (French doctors do not 'worry' ) and start getting healthy.

Apparently, my Epilepsy drugs are part of the problem, so are the post-menopausal hormonal dips that my Obgyn refused to deal with with esterogen...is it too late to fix this? Don't I have enough health problems without brittle bones? 

Back to balance exercises, sensible shoes and 'mindful' walking.




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