Has anyone had experiences with homemade bone broth as it pertains to so-called "leaky gut" syndrome, which it seems the medical establishment is somewhat split on? I have been making and drinking it for a month or so and am not sure exactly how effective it has been. My current issue, so to speak, is dealing with cuffitis. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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I've never heard anything about it...What do they say? Is it good or bad for you?

I've been making 'bone soup' for years (chicken soup too for that matter)...it always felt good on my guts...and I generally make some whenever I am feeling 'blah'. 

Do I keep it up or stop? 

How is it effecting you?


Bone broth is so good for you!  (Make sure to use grass fed/ free range, antibiotic and hormone free animals.) But if you are still eating things that irritate your guts, like wheat, you will still have leaky gut.  Have you tried suppositories for cuffitis? How about butyrate supplements or ememas?  Butter/ ghee is a good source of butyrate.  There are studies that show it helps UC and intestinal health.


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