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I am writing this post because I am curious what is considered normal BMs for jpouchers.

I have had a jpouch since 1984, and I have been told that it takes me approximately 80 minutes to digest what I eat. Over the years I believe this has been extended a little bit (due to pouch maturity and pouch changes).

I still encounter certain foods for which I do not digest (such as certain greens in salads). 

I was wondering how long it takes for these undigested foods to leave the body. In my case, it can take 48-72 hours. Is this the same for others?

I would appreciate hearing back your experiences.

Be well during this pandemic and take care of yourself!



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Hi, I don't think you need to be worried. I know sometimes I have a bowel movement that has this mornings food in it, other days it seems like I am having BMs with food from the previous day, maybe 48hrs between. I have between 4 and 6bms a day, eat little to no veg/fruit.

If you feel ok I think you are fine. If you are not feeling well and think that your digestive system is having issues I think you should look more into it.

Everyone is going to have a different situation, we digest and process at different rates, not to mention about the food we eat or don't. Also the number of BMs is going to change how quickly your body can or needs to process the food.

Good luck, hope this helps.

Hi, Solomin. It depends on what you eat, and what it is combined with. When I eat grapefruit or raspberries for a snack, it moves through me within three or four hours. If I have a ham, cheese, tomato and cucumber sandwich for lunch, or dinner of chicken with a carb and vegetable, it will take longer, maybe six hours, or overnight. If I have pasta with only vegetables, it is faster. Fruits digest very quickly so maybe try to eat it on an empty stomach so you can absorb its nutrients.

Try to food combine and see how your system processes certain food combinations: Soft, soluble vegetables such as squash, pumpkin (try canned pumpkin, add some spices for flavour), peas, spinach, or zucchini with rice, sweet potato, or pasta take approximately the same amount of time to break down, and be expelled. Meat takes longer to break down, so if you have meat in the meal, eaten with soft vegetables or fruit it stops up the rest of the food and takes a bit longer, or harder to exit. 

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