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Need advice!  I have had my Jpouch for ten years. I have had the normal issues of obstructions, pouch it is etc. but I have a new issue. I am bleeding through my stool just like I did whenever my UC started. I have a doctor’s appointment in a week but I’m really concerned. Any ideas? Should I worry? I’m still feeling ok but a little week and really pale!
comments please?  Thanks in advance! Worried in Georgia!

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The doctor’s appointment is a good idea. There are really two things to manage: the source of the bleeding and the consequences of the bleeding. As far as the consequences go, if the bleeding has been going on for a while (or the quantity is significant) you could certainly be anemic. That could cause your weakness and paleness. You might want to start an iron supplement, but 1) make sure to let the doctor know, since it can start to change the lab results, and 2) don’t worry when your stool turns black. As far as sources, there are a few possibilities. Cuffitis can cause bleeding, though I think most people have additional symptoms - do you have any pain or bathroom changes? Hemorrhoids can cause plenty of bleeding - have you ever had hemorrhoids before? Are you straining on the toilet?

This is likely to be very manageable. Since we don’t have colons, one of the big worries about bloody stool - colon cancer - is quite rare. Do you have a specific worry, or is it more like “there’s not supposed to be blood there!”?

Thank you Scott for your reply. No hemorrhoids, thank goodness! I only have pain near my incision area! I can feel warmth if the blood is in the stool.
No straining because I have a large hernia so I know not to do so.  Oftentimes it’s only on the tissue.
I may go to family dr fir blood draw to rule out anemia!

Thanks again

Oh dear!!! I am sorry you are suffering!!! I would be completely worried at this point. I would call the office daily for cancellations, people usually cancel in the morning. I would call once in the morning and once at the end of the day, that has worked a lot in my experience. The office people might say they will put you in the cancellation list, but that is typically not reliable. Definitely call twice a day for a cancellation.

Keep us updated honey! And good luck!

I would suggest tot he doctor Mesalamine suppositories or enemas

In the mean time, eat Greek Yogurt, that will help, and oatmeal.

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